Isis painting around the Novaya Zemlya archipelago in the Arctic Ocean // Bellerby & Co handcrafted & handpainted 50cm “Britannia” globe.

North of Russia, the easternmost point of Europe is here at Cape Flissingsky on the Northern island. The population for the whole archipelago is around 2,500, with most people residing in Belushya Guba.

Novaya Zemlya, a continuation of the Ural Mountains system, is for the most part mountainous. It consists of two major islands separated by the narrow Matochkin Strait & a number of smaller islands. The two main islands are Severny (N) & Yuzhny (S) & the archipelago separates the Barents Sea from the Kara Sea.


Let us introduce the cast of Nell Gwynn, our new play charting the rise of an unlikely heroine by Jessica Swale. 

Nell will be played by Gugu Mbatha-Raw, named Best Actress for her title role in Belle in the Moet British Independent Film Awards in 2014. 

For the full cast list please visit our website

Nell Gwynn opens on 19 September. 

Really, really dig this watch!spree continues… Because it’s about time for a wristshot, right? If I was in the lucky situation of confusing by bank account number and its balance, I’d make this one of my daily wearers — I really would. The good thing about having something like this on the wrist for an extended period of time (e.g. your life) is that you’ll never feel bored again, just check the time and get lost in the countless awesome details. Nor can you be really annoyed or stressed, in that awful traffic jam, trapped inside your Pagani, because hey, you can see the world and realize what a meaningless little spot you are. So deep.
by abtw_patrick from Instagram