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Katarh Mest:  Final 3.0 Glamours

I seem to have an affinity for giant glowey weapons.  (Not pictured:  SCH’s book glowing, WAR’s axe glowing, AST’s globe glowing, BLM staff glowing…)

I can’t wait to level up RDM and SAM and get me some glim-glams for them, too.  But that’ll have to wait til DRK and SCH/SMN are both 70.

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Can I have a (Fightning Staff || Taser) && (Plasma Globe && Crystal)?

(tazer staff) && (quantum crystal) I believe we’ve done the tazer staff before but the quantum crystal warants it’s own post, but long story short it’s a crystal with many quantum entanglement anomolies inside it. now to teh new item: You get the Quantum Staff. This powerful staff will cause chaos on a quantum level to whatever it hits, ranging from self-telefragging the victim to blasting the victim in high power radiation. very dangerous to use, and even more dangerous for the person you’re fighting. this weapon could potentially be an endgame item, or at least an ingredient in one. it costs TONS of grist though, and of many rare types.

Welcome to Sanctum, a state of the art rehabilitation centre dedicated to conserving and protecting the world’s dwindling population of ‘mythical’ creatures. Through our exhaustive research efforts, we aim to educate the general public about these misunderstood beasts, dispelling the exaggerated legends that have caused mankind to regard them with both greed and fear.

- Sanctum Mission Statement


So your character’s found themselves at Sanctum…now what? 

Is your character a Resident? The mythical creatures being housed and studied at Sanctum are referred to as ‘residents.’ Depending on their classification, they are either confined to a very specific habitat, or able to walk around the facility, usually with some sort of attendant. They come in all shapes and sizes from all over the globe, and the staff at Sanctum does everything in their power to make them comfortable, whether their stays are temporary or long term.

Then again, your character could be at Sanctum completely against their will. While the higher ups claim that a majority of residents were rescues, a few may have been obtained for less than virtuous reasons. Sure the food’s decent and the company’s nice, but how long are you gonna be poked and prodded for the sake of ‘science’? And just how many skin samples are you expected to give? You’d take advantage of that flimsy looking floor panel, but that bulky researcher outside looks like he could pound you into dust at the slightest provocation…

Speaking of which, maybe your character isn’t a resident of Sanctum, but a Researcher. As a member of the staff, your character can be either creature or human, and their main duty is to gather as much information as they can relating to their field of study. It isn’t all coffee breaks and company picnics though - the residents housed at Sanctum can bite, scratch, sting, spray, spit - you name it, it’s happened. Sanctum researchers need to be on their toes at all times - while a number of residents are perfectly harmless and docile, there are just as many that see you as their next meal! Unlike residents, researchers are able to leave Sanctum at the end of the day…or not. Depends on if they have somewhere to go home to

Four-year-old Erianni Diaz has twice fallen through a hole in the floor of the condemned hotel where she and her grandmother live in the poor city of Matanzas. She is waiting for optic nerve surgery. (SUZANNE KREITER/GLOBE STAFF)

Ficlet: Names (Marianne/Bog)

(Another short Strange Magic ficlet, this time to do with the dreaded Middle Names. Do enjoy)

“Is Misery actually your middle name?”

They were settled in the Glow Hollow, the two nestled together in a cozy hammock woven with the luminescent strands. They had come here to work on addressing the wedding invitations in peace, casually tossing the finished envelopes over the edge. They would be waiting for them at the bottom when they were done. 

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Aaron Hernandez found guilty of murder

A jury in Fall River, Mass., found former New England Patriots player Aaron Hernandez guilty of first-degree murder in death of Odin Lloyd. Hernandez, 25, faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole for the conviction. He was also found guilty of weapons and ammunition charges. - The Boston Globe

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(Photo: Boston Globe staff)

Prosecutors rest case against Boston Marathon bomber

The Boston Globe: Prosecutors rested their case against Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev on Monday after providing jurors with gruesome autopsy photos and recollections from victims. The defense will now get a chance to present their case, which will reportedly attempt to paint Tamerlan Tsarenav as the leader in the attack.

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Boston EMS: Dozens hospitalized at TD Garden concert

The Boston Globe: Dozens of people were taken to hospitals from Boston’s TD Garden, where DJ Avicii was performing, EMS officials said.

There were no fatalities, and the patents’ symptoms were minor, an EMS worker said.

TD Garden spokeswoman Tricia McCorkle says “there were a number of transports due to medical issues.”

According to The Toronto Star, at least 29 people were hospitalized for illnesses related to alcohol or drugs during the Avicii concert in Toronto in May.

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Photo: Ambulances were lined up outside of TD Garden as concert-goers departed. (Jim Davis / Globe staff)