globe santa

Winter things for the signs.

Aries: Snowball fights, ice sculptures, boots, fireplaces, extra blankets, s'mores.

Taurus: Boxes of chocolate, ear muffs, presents, knee socks, Christmas trees.

Gemini: Peaceful snowy nights, sledding down hills, hoodies, frost on windows.

Cancer: Large sweaters, warm tea, Christmas, homemade soups, sweatpants.

Leo: Empty skating rinks, rosy cheeks, comfy scarves, cookie dough, beanies.

Virgo: Turtle neck sweaters, peppermint hot chocolate, good books, gray skies.

Libra: Fuzzy socks, hot chocolate & marshmallows, snow angels, legwarmers.

Scorpio: Gingerbread houses, blizzards, knitted hats, candy canes, ice skating.

Sagittarius: Slippers, staying in pj’s all day, bubble baths, snow in street lights.

Capricorn: Knitted hats, snow globes, cinnamon rolls, Santa’s hat, New Years.

Aquarius: Cold/crispy air, seeing your breath, the sound of stepping on snow.

Pisces: The first snowfall, Christmas songs, fairy lights, snowy hair, hot fondue.


“Inches Apart” Gif Edition: Santa’s Midnight Run