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James Brown Tuscon Sports Center Concert Poster (1967) Extremely Rare. Jumbo window card poster printed in Dayglo yellow and purple on card stock for a show on Sun. Feb. 5. The poster shows announces “…A Show For The Entire Family…The Fabulous James Brown”…The lineup also includes support acts the Famous Flames, The Jewels, James Crawford and Bobby Byrd. Printed by “Globe Poster, Baltimore”. 

misspelling “Tucson” since forever…

Cosmic Witchcraft - In the Shadows 💫

If you’re a cosmic witch who wants to practice discreetly, for whatever reason, here are some tips. These activities are meant to seem mundane to the untrained eye. 

  • Take up an interest in astronomy, if you aren’t interested already - learn about the scientific aspects of the planets, stars, asteroids, comets, and other celestial bodies
  • Decorate your room with objects that represent celestial bodies - zodiac blanket, glow stars, moon in my room, celestial globe, astrolabe, posters of the planets or nebulae
  • Wear jewelry or clothing with astrological or astronomical designs
  • Go stargazing - take note of the constellations in the sky
  • Use essential oils associated with the planets in your bath or shower
  • Make celestial bath salts or shower gels
  • Choose shower gels or shampoos that are made with ingredients that can be associated with the planets (I know Bath & Body Works does a great job of listing exactly what herbs and flowers they use for their products)
  • Privately dedicate your meal or beverage to a celestial body of your choice to give thanks for its aid and existence 
  • Collect crystals that are associated with the planets or the cosmos [1] [2]
  • Make an altoid tin or shoebox altar
  • Incorporate planetary or astrological herbs into your cooking [Planetary] [Zodiac]
  • Enchant every day items with celestial energy, like chapstick, keys, makeup, your name badge for school/work, or any other item you find yourself using on a daily basis
  • Create a Nebula jar, Star jar, or Black Hole jar 
  • Write your Book of Cosmos or grimoire in OneNote so that it will sync with all of your devices, including PC, phone, and tablet
  • Draw planetary symbols on yourself where they can’t be seen
  • If you can’t burn candles or incense without suspicion, invest in a wax melter - carve planetary symbols or constellations on the wax cube and let it melt 
  • Visit your local planetarium to learn about the stars and constellations
  • Charge drinkable bottled water with moonlight
  • Make your own perfume using oils associated with the planets

Cosmic Altar & Room Ideas


‘Birdman’: Minimalist Posters

I saw Birdman on Saturday for the first time and since then I’ve thought about not much else. The stunning film directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu perfectly captures dark humour and when mixed with an intense plot and faultless cinematography it has come to be one of my favourite films so far. To celebrate it’s wins at the Golden Globes (and with hopefully more to come) I’ve created a few posters that highlight some of my favourite characters, scenes and techniques. If you haven’t seen this amazing film yet, then I highly recommend you do! 

Do you want to feel? Part I

First attempt at a fanfic so forgive my writing skills. Liked the idea @mizuaoi had of Widowmaker telling Lena to watch out for Emily. Took the basic idea of Widowmaker being worried about Emily and ran with it. Hope my writing in this part is somewhat coherent.

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Many people assumed that the conditioning Amelie Lacroix had undergone when becoming Widowmaker had robbed her of all emotion. Those people were wrong.  It was true that her emotions had been drastically muted but they were still there. Most of the time however her Talon conditioning kept her emotions just out of reach. It frustrated her. But there were some days when specific feelings would easily come to the surface and threaten to overwhelm her with emotions she had never learned to control. Today was one of those days.

Widowmaker had decided that she was angry.  She had not felt that particular emotion in a long time and was having difficulty in controlling it.  But she had managed to control the feeling to the point where it was merely a small presence in the back of her mind. What had that stupid girl Tracer been thinking? She wondered for the thousandth time.

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AMERICA: Open Your Eyes

Made in 2015. I found this poster in Globe, AZ.
Native people know racism too well. We’ve battled it for over 500 years. Propaganda is a tool war machines use to create fear and psychologically destabilize countries. Sadly we are in a new age of propaganda and open racism. This piece tells how Natives have seen institutional racism operate since day one. Ironically the original poster was to show the insidious and hidden nature of fascism via the Nazis in Germany during WWII and how it could affect America. The Native perspective isn’t non-existent, it’s just semi-invisible until you make and share art that is about something affecting your tribes, nations and people.
This original art debuted in show this at the Allan Houser Gallery in Santa Fe, NM titled “ The Art of Apache Resistance” . A bold move and very fitting since Allan’s Father was a Chiricahua Apache fighter on the war trail with Geronimo.