globe fish

Fahaka Pufferfish (Tetraodon lineatus)

Also known as the Nile Puffer, Lineatus Puffer, or the Globe Fish, the fahaka pufferfish is a species of tropical freshwater pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) which occurs in the Nile River and other river basins in Africa. Like other pufferfish, when disturbed T. lineatus boasts the ability to inflate when threatened and carries the toxin Tetrodoxin. Fahaka pufferfish are primarily molluscivorous and will forage in the benthic zone for freshwater mussels and snails. 


Animalia-Chordata-Actinopterygii-Tetraodontiformes-Tetraodontidae-Tetraodon-T. lineatus

Image: Earedien


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“I listened to the sample of ‘Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru’. I’ve been feeling both Moe and embarrassment, like falling on my desk head down, or diving into the bed screaming Hauu!!… It’s scheduled to be released on 31 Oct.”

From Sensei’s twitter 1 Oct., 2014


Soredemo Yasashii Koi wo Suru drama CD  will be released this month! and here’s the audio commercial on youtube!

The commercial message starts by Deguchi introducing himself, then Onoda. They take turns to read the summarized storyline, while chatting and joking like old times, like Deguchi calling Onoda “Megane-kun”(guy with glasses) or forcing him to buy him expensive Fugu(globe fish) dinner.  They introduce the other casts, but when Onoda introduces Shima, Deguchi was cute getting a bit jealous like the latest story in the Tankobon.

Even from the short audio commercial, I could catch Deguchi’s emotion for Onoda, though keeping a pose of a suave joker. Onoda is also being “natural” but sincere also can be heard through their voices. I can definitely look forward to listening to the CD!

Deguchi Harumi: Nojima Hirofumi

Onoda Ryo: Morikawa Tomoyuki

Shima Toshiaki: Nojima Kenji

Togawa Yousuke: Ishikawa Hideo

Release date: 31 Oct., 2014 from Movic, Co.

Price: 4800 yen plus tax(2 CDs)

Freebie for preorders from Animate: cast talk CD by Nojima Hirofumi and Morikawa Tomoyuki


Comedy of Errors ©Marc Brenner

…and now I can’t stop thinking of these in fish terms.

‘No, seriously, why are you yelling about fish?’ Andy Apollo (Gaoler/Officer/Headsman) and Peter Hamilton Dyer (Solinus)
'This should buy a lot of fish’ Paul Brendan (Angelo)
'I’m sure you hid the fish somewhere around here’ Jamie Wilkes (Dromio of Ephesus) and Matthew Needham (Antipholus of Ephesus)
'This way for the fish!’ Brodie Ross (Dromio of Syracuse)
'Gonna get that fish’
'I have nothing to do with this fish.  Nothing.’ Simon Harrison (Antipholus of Syracuse)
'Hark and hear this parable of the fish’ Becci Gemmell (Luciana), Hattie Ladbury (Adriana) and Emma Jerrold (Courtesan)
'I would appreciate it if everyone would stop going on about this fish and get back to work’ Stefan Adegbola (Pinch/First Merchant) and James Laurenson (Egeon)
'it’s okay, we’re getting the perpetrator of this fish fiasco out of the way’