Useless Headcanons

-Prompto either replaces swear words in songs with things like “Frick” or “Glob darnedit” or he shouts them louder than the rest of the words. There’s no in between.

-Noctis pretends to hate the poetry Ignis tries to teach him, but he can’t quite resist Li-Young Lee and “I grow more fatherless each year”

-Gladio finds the sound of thunder bizarrely soothing when he’s tired, it reminds him of boyhood, sleeping on a bench while his father practices sword play.

-Ignis reads comic book, one’s about heroes who rely on graceful butlers and put together women, one’s where the endings grow brighter than the story he fears he’s helping to write.

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I was the one who asked for the angsty mob and I am feeling regret and tears now 😢 but thank you once more for your glob damn wonderful art, the lines and colors dear glob they are amazing. Now I'm off to cry some more

👍 👍 👍 👍 👍


Happy Halloween from the @fantome-stein gang! We hope you have a PHAN-tastic day. Trust no swans, punch no deer, have some pizza rolls…stay spooky <3

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Sorry phil.