A global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art. 

The reach/scale of Inside Out can only be described as epic.

A documentary about the project, created by French graffiti artist JR, currently airs on HBO. JR launched Inside Out when he won the TED prize in 2011.

Pictured above: Inside Out in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. 

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Baton Rouge's Corroded, Overpolluting Neighbor: Exxon Mobil — @nprnews

The Standard Heights neighborhood sits next to the nation’s second-largest gasoline refinery. Recently, residents learned a new truth about the plumes of exhaust they see every day: Exxon Mobil’s aging refinery and petrochemical facilities — like many others — are pumping out far more pollution than the law allows.

Google Chrome & Chromium OS - Network Portal Detection

By Dr Chris Spencer, vice president technology, GlobalReach Technology

Shill, the connection manager for Chromium OS, the operating system in Google’s Chromebook and now a cut-down version found inside Google Chrome browser, attempts to detect services that are within a captive portal whenever a service transitions to the ready state. What it determines to be in a captive portal or being online is done by attempting to retrieve the webpage below

This URL is known to return an empty page with a HTTP status 204. It’s very similar to the Apple success page in their Captive Network Assistant (CNA). If for any reason this web page is not returned, or any HTTP response other than 204 is received, then shill marks the service as being in a portal state and Chrome displays a message to the user.

Many, or perhaps most, captive portals found in hotels, coffee shops, airports etc., either run their own DNS server, which returns IP address for all queries, which point to their webserver or they intercept all HTTP web traffic and return a 302 (redirect) response. The captive portal detection works very reliably. These types of detection indicate if the service is not fully online and will display a similar message to the one above. Displaying both the network SSID the user is connected to and the URL they are being redirected to.

A venue’s Wi-Fi is part of its customer experience and its brand. The captive portal is an important vehicle for establishing trust between a potential subscriber and the brand.

By way of best practice, it’s important a  potential user understands where they are being redirected - and that they don’t feel that they are being ‘hijacked’ by an unknown website.

Trust and brand identity are equally important to both parties during registration and signup. If the user does not trust the redirection, they are less likely to interact with any registration process, more likely to drop out of the signup process, less likely to trust the brand and more likely to complain about the customer experience.

GlobalReach Odyssys provides a captive portal which allows a venue owner or service provider to use its own web address and SSL as part of this redirection. This clearly allows the end subscriber to be confident that the Wi-Fi they are connected too is operated either by the venue or by a venue-trusted Wi-Fi provider.

The subscriber is much more likely to complete the signup process and continue if they trust that it’s operated by the venue or an approved partner.

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