Lingering in indefinite pre-deportation detention in York County prison in western Pennsylvania while their asylum cases and ensuing rounds of appeals were pending, a group of the Golden Venture survivors began creating intricate paper sculptures, including this model of the ship. (Photo: Katja Heinemann)

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California, home to the largest number of undocumented immigrants, is now the 10th state to allow them to apply for driver’s licenses. More than 300 people were in line at the Granada Hills DMV on Friday, January 2. It was the first chance for immigrants in the country illegally to apply for a California driver’s license under the new law AB 60. (Photo: Josie Huang / Southern California Public Radio / KPCC)
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Refugee tragedy in the Mediterranean: the trouble with Europe’s southern border

Malta’s prime minister Joseph Muscat has said European waters close to Africa are turning into a cemetery, after another boat full of migrants capsized Friday.

Muscat said his country felt “abandoned” by the rest of Europe and urged the EU to take action. This latest incident followed the sinking of a migrant boat off the Sicilian island of Lampedusa on October 3rd which killed more than 300 people.

The flood of illegal migrants pouring into Europe at the moment looks all to familiar to Americans: According to the Pew Research Center, “unauthorized immigrants made up 28% of all US immigrants in 2012.”

In Europe, more than 30,000 migrants reached Italy on boats from North Africa this year alone, according to the UN’s refugee agency UNHCR.

Many in the United States feel that their immigration system is broken and something needs to be done to deal with the approximately 12 million ”undocumented” migrants believed to be in the US. 

A lot of Americans think, the answer is to tighten border security - that goes for Europeans, too. 

At this point, the European Union is thinking of counteracting the flood of migrants with drones and satellites to track refugees at sea. The emphasis does not seem to be on finding ways to save people like those killed near Lampedusa but to keep them out. 

EU Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstroem did call for Mediterranean-wide search and rescue patrols to intercept migrant boats.

“But the system for surveilling ‘irregular migratory flows’, as they are called in the official jargon, is precisely the kind of monitoring apparatus America’s NSA intelligence service might dream up”, writes Gregor Peter Schmitz in Germany’s Spiegel news magazine. 

Clearly, that doesn’t sound like Europe would like to welcome the huddled, tired masses currently trying to escape crisis-ridden places like Syria, Somalia, Eritrea or Mali. 

Interestingly, the gateway into the EU is Libya at this point. The EU’s border agency Frontex says “Libya was the main departure point for migrants heading across the Mediterranean to Italy…because Libya remains plagued by violence, kidnappings and fragmented institutions.” 

Pushing for more immigration is fairly unpopular in Europe and will probably lose you votes, just look at the recent election in Austria where the right-wing Freedom Party did well after accusing the ruling coalition of permitting too much immigration. 

The refugee crisis has also led to misgivings among EU member nations.  

Malta, Greece, and Italy have long made appeals for more assistance for the states that bear the brunt of mass migration.

But northern, more affluent EU nations, such as Sweden, Germany and Denmark, insist they already take a large proportion of migrants. A spokesman in Berlin told German media recently that 65,000 refugees had been taken in last year, compared with 15,000 in Italy.

Echoing the debate in Britain where asylum seekers are often derided as "benefit scroungers”, German interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich said most of those trying to cross the Mediterranean were “economic” migrants rather than political refugees.

Immigration might be a problem in the United States but so far, the EU has not even been able to agree a common migration and asylum policy as many members are reluctant to cede authority over immigration issues to Brussels.

Many years ago, I studied a radio play called Schiff Esperanza (The Ship Esperanza) as a student in Germany. It features a sea captain who promises to take immigrants illegally to America only to deliver them to a sandbar miles off shore where they drown. 

Now, I have to read about a father watching his son drown in front of his eyes, victims of wars and revolutions, and the European version of ‘coyotes’. 

Esperanza is the Spanish word for hope.


The Philippine and US governments were ruled guilty of rights violations by the International Peoples’ Tribunal

‘Although the findings of the panel of human rights lawyers and scholars are considered legally non-binding and unenforceable by administrative means, the IPT convenors argued that they were nevertheless “symbolic” and “significant” especially in the court of public opinion.’

Please give any information you have about this, I’d like to understand what’s happening

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Locación Sky Terrace Hotel Riu

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Nastroje globalne wyznaczą notowania złotego we wtorek

EkonomiĹ›ci oceniajÄ…, Ĺźe to nastroje globalne bÄ™dÄ… gĹ‚Ăłwnym wyznacznikiem notowaĹ„ zĹ‚otego we wtorek. Sentyment bÄ™dzie natomiast ksztaĹ‚towany przez dane z USA oraz przez przebieg sesji na gieĹ‚dzie papierĂłw wartoĹ›ciowych w Atenach.Bank…

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Trzeba czerpać dobrą wodę z różnych studni
Są różne duchowości katolickie. Wschodu i Zachodu, Jan Paweł II połączył to. Jak św.Paweł stał się wszystkim dla wszystkich, żeby choć niektórych pozyskać. Drugi św.Paweł - Jan Paweł II.
Charbel, Liban, wschód, ale nie rusiński, styk Azji, Europy i Afryki. Dokładamy architekturę rusińską, cerkiewki, piękną liturgię greko-katolicką i ormiańskie klimaty do świata łacińskiego i mamy piękną mozaikę. Jan Paweł II to połączył z przewagą pierwiastków najlepszych, czyli łacińskich, polskich, których obecnie prawie nie ma, bo kultura polska prawie wymarła przez obecne prądy globalne.
Hetman Jan Zamoyski też łączył pięknie różne pierwiastki kulturowe. Świeży umysł, szerokie horyzonty. Mix jest lepszy niż tylko klimat kulturowy Mazowsza.

This is a scene from ‘The Caretaker’, the full film will be released with the Immigrant Nation online platform in summer 2012.

The Caretaker is a short film about the relationship between an immigrant caretaker and an elderly woman in the last months of her life. Joesy, a Fijian immigrant, works long hours providing live-in care for 95-year-old Haru Tsurumoto. Through intimate and quiet scenes, we explore Joesy’s complex relationship with Haru. The two respect one another, because at different times, both have felt like outsiders in the U.S. - Joesy as an undocumented immigrant who fears she could be sent back to Fiji, and Haru as a Japanese American who was sent to the internment camps during World War II.

Halal-utrka za milijarde: BiH koristi prednosti sve veće globalne potražnje za halal-certifikatom

Kompanijama iz BiH halal-certifikat direktna je ulaznica na halal-tržište sa 1,8 milijardi potrošača. Zadovoljava potrebe lokalnog stanovništva, odgovara zahtjevima turista, a kvalitet halal certificiranih proizvoda prepoznaje i nemuslimansko stanovništvo Bosna i Hercegovina najveće je halal-tržište Jugoistočne Evrope, a Agencija za certificiranje halal-kvalitete izdala je certifikat za sve…

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