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Michael Skolnik: White People, You Will Never Look Suspicious Like Trayvon Martin!

also…been meaning to post this for days. a powerful piece on Trayvon Martin by Michael Skolnik.

i particularly appreciate his message of inclusion and dialogue between all people.

So I’ve made the choice today to tell my white friends that the rights I take for granted are only valid if I fight to give those same rights to others...

So, I fight for Trayvon Martin.  I fight for Amadou Diallo.  I fight for Rodney King.  I fight for every young black man who looks “suspicious” to someone who thinks they have the right to take away their freedom to walk through their own neighborhood.  I fight against my own stereotypes and my own suspicions. I fight for people whose ancestors built this country, literally, and who are still treated like second class citizens.  Being quiet is not an option, for we have been too quiet for too long.

we are all fighting for the same things. at least, we should be.