DID YOU KNOW one of Titanic’s first class passengers was a world-renowned fashion designer of controversial womens’ lingerie? Lucy Duff-Gordon, popularly known as “Lady Lucille” after her coterie line, was one of the most famous designers of women’s fashion in the world in 1912. Highly controversial due to her designing women’s dresses with revealing necklines and short skirts, Lucille’s designs were risque but popular - taking the Paris fashion world by storm in the early Twentieth Century. ‘Lucille’ was the world’s first global fashion brand, with boutiques in London, Paris, New York, and Chicago.

Duff-Gordon is also credited with the creation of the “mannequin parade,” wherein women would don Lucille’s designs and parade around a stage to show them off. Thus, Lucy Duff-Gordon invented the fashion show. She popularized less-restrictive corsets and sexually-charged women’s lingerie, thus forcing her to often travel under an alias due to wishing to avoid negative press. Aboard Titanic, the Duff-Gordons traveled as “Mr. and Mrs. Morgan.”

Lucy’s sister, the romance novelist Elinor Glyn, is also popularly credited by linguists as being the origin of using the word “it” to refer to sex.

[News] 160608 The second member of YG’s new girl group is LISA… Putting good end to five years of training

LISA has become a member of YG’s new girl group, following JENNIE.

On June 8, YG unveiled photos of the second member of the new girl group. LISA is 19 years old and she has been trained by YG for the past five years. She is known to be fluent not only in Thai, but also in Korean, English, and Japanese.

LISA has a big interest in dancing and she danced in a crew when she was young. LISA released her dance video on YG’s official blog in 2012, to draw big attention.

LISA also worked as a model for global young street casual fashion brand “NONA9ON” established by YG and Samsung C&T Fashion, along with iKON’s B.I and BOBBY from even before her debut. LISA’s perfect proportion and exotic visual drew big attention.

In the photos newly released by YG, LISA is boasting her face of a mysterious feeling and perfect legs.

YG has been unveiling the members of new girl group one by one every week since June 1. First, YG unveiled seven photos of the first member JENNIE, to officially confirm her as the member of the new girl group. In 2013, JENNIE performed with G-DRAGON for his comeback performance for the second full-length album.

YG announced that the new girl group will officially debut in this coming July. As the group is the first girl group in seven years since debut of 2NE1, the new team is drawing keen attention. Music fans’ interest is growing even bigger, as it is known that TEDDY is leading the preparation for the girl group’s debut as the producer.

Music fans are expressing big anticipation for if YG’s new girl group will be able to become the next-generation top girl group to follow the footsteps of 2NE1.

2016. 6. 8.