Apocalyptic calendar

Things that we fear

January -  Global cooling

February - Nuclear war

March - Space invaders

April - Volcano

May - Worlds flood

June - Rise of the machines

July - Global warming

August - Zombie apocalypse

September - Earthquake

October - Planet waste

November - Infection

December - Meteors from outer space

Okay so being real about this weekend’s heatwave that’s apparently hitting us fucking hard - well, except you, Hobart, bless your tiny coldass cotton socks, I may consider moving down to you every summer from now on - all indications point to it being hot this weekend. Brutally, record-breaking hot. We may actually be in hellfire over the next couple of days.

So, fellow heat-suffering tumblr peeps, here’s what we do:

  • Water. Lots of it. The most important thing of all. I’ve been dehydrated before. It is horrible. Once very publicly and embarrassingly at Wet n Wild. Yep, I sure was sick. In front of hundreds of people who’d arrive to have fun with water slides and the wave pool, not to watch a 14 year old teen throw up everywhere. And then fainted. Not. Fun. At all. WATER, PEOPLE. Ice. Very important.
  • Indoors. Air-conditioning if you’re lucky and blessed enough to have it. Don’t have it? Hopefully you have a good old Westfield or something similar enough near you. Go to the movies. The library. Anywhere that’s inside and cool.
  • Keep an eye on the oldies and the kids. There’s already been reports of a couple of littlies getting sick from the heat, and we’ve barely started. Make sure they’re okay.
  • Pets, too! Lots and lots of water and shade for them, as much as possible. DO NOT LEAVE THEM IN YOUR CAR. JUST. DON’T.
  • If you’re feeling dizzy, confused, nauseous, fainting - get thee to a doctor straight away.
  • Also, kick Malcom Turnbull in the shins hard for all of his party’s fuckery with carbon taxes and emissions and so on. It won’t cure the heat, but it’ll make you feel good. Thanks for being so weak against your own damn party, Mal.

I love the design of Globemon and holy shit his attack is cool. Globalization! 


The flame flickers then dies in Clarke’s palm.
“You do have the power.” Lexa’s awed voice pulls Clarke back to herself.
She grins as Lexa meets her gaze. “Again.”

–Arsonist’s Lullaby–

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yo why are you so cool.,?!'?

not global warming I can tell you that much at least
haha I’m hilarious go on, you laughed.. right ?

//ask games: why are you so…?


For the past three months, temperatures are dropping across much of the northern hemisphere. This story has received almost no attention from the corporate media. Bomb Krueger sets out to investigate.  

Engineers developed a material that can cool us down by sending heat to space

Engineers have developed a material that can cool down buildings by radiating the heat out into freezing-cold outer space. For now, this technology won’t completely replace air conditioning, the engineers say, but it can decrease the amount we use — and that’s a huge deal.

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Do you believe in climate change

The climate has always been changing, nobody can logically deny that. 

When you hear people say “We have to do something about climate change”, what are they really saying? They’re saying that if it gets too hot, then they will take all your money and freedom. If it gets too cold then they will take all your money and your freedom. They will make a big deal about any change in the weather or climate. 

Lets not forget that global warming is a theory, not a science, and I believe the theory to be largely incorrect. There is far less science and far more corruption within the whole thing. 

That said, I believe we have a responsibility to protect the planet and the environment, and I will support any reasonable regulations to do this. The solution can’t cost millions of jobs, trillions of dollars, and force us to abandon typical energy usage. 

I haven’t discussed man-made climate change much since I made a tumblr so I’ll make some more formal posts about what went wrong with the whole thing. So look out for those in the coming days/weeks.