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WHY HAVE I NOT SEEN THESE PICTURES till now =O !?!?!?!?!?!? Kpop news websites that I following! you guys are lagging!!!! LOL XD.

Ok so I haven’t been up to date with We Got Married and the Global one at that lately. Just because life has been crazy busy and all. But today I thought I treat myself to chilling and relaxing so I went to Kshownow to rewatch the lastest Running Man episode, and then I saw their pic icon for Global WGM episode 6. It seemed like a wedding photoshoot episode. My absolute favorite parts about WGM show. So I thought I check it out even though I haven’t seen any of the global wgm episodes at all. and boy was I glad I decided to watch episode 6! It was CUTE AND HILARIOUS with all the cameos of MBLAQ G.O, 2AM Seulong, and Zea KwangHee for Taec. and Gui Gui Photoshoot and then Lee Hong Ki calling Ft Island JongHoon, CNBlue YongHwa and Asia Prince Jang Geun Suk. omg haha.

MBLAQ G.O: We are guests! Not gay! LOL

and then freaking Jang Geun Suk to Hong Ki on the phone: “That’s why I told you not to stay out late when you go to Japan! I knew you would do something stupid!!!!! (in joking manner as Hong Ki told him he got married haha.) LOL.

But ok enough rambling about the episode! back to these STUNNING photos! I couldn’t help it! I had to share!

Lee Hong Ki and Fujii Mina Look absolutely amazing together. I’m jealous cause I’m a Lee Hong Ki fan but I ship them together cause Mina is just absolutely gorgeous. :)

Lee Hong Ki had to kill my heart too cause in this episode he was back to his Jeremy You’re Beautiful character look! Which i absolutely LOVE.

Blonde hair and tied up in a small stub pony tail! <3 gahhh watching this episode was like watching Jeremyyy getting married!!!! haha XD.

But chea the photos and poses are just super cute! I think this couple topped my fav wgm couple photos too! Lettuce Couple’s photos were my #1 fav, and then adam couple’s photo came in 2nd. Now both have just been shifted to the next place cause Lee Hong Ki and Mina just won 1st place. XD gahhhh lol.

So So So beautiful. :)