Portugal has been hit with the most devastating horror that this country has seen in recent years.

As of today, we had around 500 active wildfires. An entire country burning down in flames. The images that are coming up on the news, social media, etc; reaches a level of intensity that I never thought I’d see in this country. 

Thousands of people have lost EVERYTHING they had. Houses, possessions, pets, their land that most of them farmed and were their entire income of money or even food. People have lost loved ones because of the fires. As far as I know, there are around 36 dead and still more seriously injured.

We’re a small country and we’re no strangers to wilfired. But this… It’s October. And today it was 36ºC!!!!

That may sound amazing to some people because it’s warm and it still feels like summer… but it’s the worst thing that could happen to us. 

We have no water, no resources. There are people, brave firefighters on the fronts of these pits of hell. And it’s not enough.

I have no words to express how I’m feeling at the moment. 

I feel powerless. I think about the people that are going through this and my heart hurts for them. 

If you’re Portuguese, please reach out to your local Fire Station or call  Liga dos Bombeiros Portugueses and ask how you can help.

I, unfortunately, cannot donate blood. But gallons of water, canned food and other goods you see can be helpful, please donate.

And for the rest of world, just keep us in your thoughts.

I just wanted to take a moment to send all the love and strength I can to the families and victims of the fires who are devastating 80% of my country. 28 people have been confirmed dead since Friday. 100 people had already died during the summer. Things aren’t getting better and I’m honestly afraid for so many people. Thankfully, I’m all right, and so is my family, but I know so many people whose families have been afected, Pls keep us in your prayers and well wishes.

some of y'all need to stop being oblivious to the how humans are constantly fucking up the environment AKA Miss Earth. all of this crazy weather is happening because of pollution, climate change, and humans exploiting the planet catalyzed in greediness. It’s time for you “climate change is a hoax” freaks to wake up and realize we have a serious ass problem. future generations are going to suffer and go through even worse weather conditions if we don’t take the proper precautions to not be disastrous Miss Earth. she’s fucking pissed.

I really think it needs to be drilled into every capitalist’s head that their ideology is going to cause long-term agricultural collapse.

I’m serious. The concept of profit is the sole reason why we haven’t found a solution to global warming yet, and global warming will make vast swaths of land either uninhabitable or unsuitable for the growth of modern crop yields.

No matter how many times people uncritically repeat canned anti-communist, anti-socialist, or anti-leftist rhetoric, there is no escaping the fact that the necessity of profit in a capitalist economy has directly caused an environmental catastrophe that is likely to kill more than a billion people.


The mayor of New York City is standing up for the planet, and has signed an executive order committing the city to honour the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.

It seems that Trump’s actions to remove the U.S. from the climate accord has had the opposite effect. Now governments across the U.S. are redoubling their efforts to combat Climate Change.

Ignoring that racism and classism play an integral role in climate change is ignoring a fundamental part of the problem. Trying to say that massive corporations are denying global warming out of ignorance instead of out of calculated, profit-driven cruelty is trying to take away the root of this situation- that corporations and the 1% directly benefit from the suffering and oppression of poor POC affected most by climate change.


Now is absolutely the time to politicize Hurricane Irma and other natural disasters

“The full suite of data we have incontrovertibly points to one conclusion: the human effects that contribute to climate change are severe, and are making these disasters we’re experiencing far more damaging than they would otherwise be. The time to transform these scientific lessons into a policy that makes our nation and our world a safer, more secure, more resilient place is now. Natural disasters will always occur, but there’s no good reason to make them worse, especially when we can do something about it today. In the long run, it may be both more compassionate and less expensive to simply craft a better policy, but we can’t do that unless we craft those policies based on the best science humanity has to offer.”

Hurricane Irma has, as of this morning, knocked out power to more than 6 million, caused the evacuation of millions more, and has caused flooding and extreme wind damage across hundreds of miles across Florida, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. When Irma first made landfall in the Florida Keys, it set a new ‘first’ for 2017: two Category 4 (or stronger) hurricanes made landfall in the USA in the same year for the first time. This is not simply a bad year or an unlucky coincidence, but is an effect of a planet that has been artificially warmed by human activity. This continues a pattern we’ve seen globally of more intense but fewer hurricanes in numbers, and 2017 is shaping up to be the most expensive hurricane season in US history. At the same time, wildfires are ravaging the western United States, and no, that’s not coincidence, either.

We don’t have to do this to ourselves; we could craft a science-based policy on climate change to minimize the damage of these disasters in the future. The time to act is now.