global warfare

We can take small comfort in one thing. Although right now we don’t worry enough about incoming disaster from Up There, we do worry a lot about home-grown disaster Down Here: nuclear war-fare, biological warfare, global warming, pollution, overpopulation, destruction of habitat, burning of the rainforests, and so on. However, there’s no danger that human actions will wipe out the planet. Compared to what nature has already done, and will do again, our activities barely show up. one large meteorite packs more explosive power than all human wars put together, a hypothetical World War III included. One Ice Age changes the climate more than a civilization’s worth of carbon dioxide from car exhausts. As for something like the Deccan Traps… you wouldn’t want to know how nasty the atmosphere could become.
No, we can’t destroy the Earth. We can destroy ourselves.
No one would care. The cockroaches and the rats will come back, or if the worst comes to the worst the bacteria miles below ground will start to write a new opening chapter in the Book of Life. Someone else will read it.

– on the future | Terry Pratchett, Ian Stewart, and Jack Cohen, The Science of Discworld

okay but college au of a new hope?

  • luke and leia are #hot first year twins
  • leia is a poli sci major ofc
  • luke is double majoring in philosophy and world religions
  • obi-wan is the weird history professor that everyone has at some point and everyone loves him
  • han is #hot senior and Very pretentious abt being an engineering major
  • and then all three of them meet in prof. palpatine’s warfare and global policy class and Everyone knows that palpatine refuses to give a’s just ‘cuz he’s an asshole
  • so the three of them make a study group with wedge antilles and biggs darklighter, two fourth year physics majors
  • and they are the first group of students to ever earn anything better than a b- in the class
  • (leia is the only one to get an a, but luke and biggs get a-’s and han and wedge get b+’s)
  • (also han and luke hook up after their last study sesh of the semester and everything is Wonderful and Perfect and they kiss a lot during the break)

Ok Global Warming. It was one thing with the rising sea levels, the rapid extinction of species, the risky global warfare, the 80’s frizz look whether we wanted it or not, but if I can barely wear a vest in mid September, it’s on!