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In challenge to Trump, 17 Republicans in Congress join fight against global warming
Seventeen congressional Republicans signed a resolution on Wednesday vowing to seek "economically viable" ways to stave off global warming, challenging the stated views of President Donald Trump, who has called climate change a hoax.
Many people have been asking me, “Why are you a Nationalist?” Let’s Find out...

What makes us Nationalists is the idea that our country and her people are more important than just selling it out for money or profit for globalism. Nationalism itself as the definition says:   

Nationalism is a complex, multidimensional concept involving a shared communal identification with one’s nation. It is a political ideology oriented towards gaining and maintaining self-governance, or full sovereignty, over a territory of historical significance to the group (such as its homeland). Nationalism therefore holds that a nation should govern itself, free from unwanted outside interference, and is linked to the concept of self-determination. Nationalism is further oriented towards developing and maintaining a national identity based on shared characteristics such as culture, language, race, religion, political goals and/or a belief in a common ancestry.[1][2] Nationalism therefore seeks to preserve the nation’s culture. It often also involves a sense of pride in the nation’s achievements, and is closely linked to the concept of patriotism. In these terms, nationalism can be positive or negative.

So what makes myself a Nationalist in Particular? For the sake of my country, family, and its inheritance to the country and her people. Nationalism however has nothing to do with hatred towards other countries, like Canada, Germany, Britain, France, Mexico, Russia, everyone one of those countries would have a strong sense of Nationalism and Patriotism, that is what makes us Nationalists for the sake of our own people and national sovereignty and independence.

Sure the Nazis where nationalists as well during WWII, but don’t forget that FDR, Churchill, and Stalin were also Nationalists during the time of War.

We as Nationalists have a desire to fight for the interests of our sovereign nation and for its people in that Nation rather than global or one world interests which could lead to globalist tyranny. The bad thing about globalism is that the idea is that every country should open its borders to all nations rather than defending it, like a house being left open wide for strangers to come.

There is nothing wrong at all to be a Nationalist, it’s just someone like Hitler or Stalin could end up using it the wrong way just for world domination or globalist interest which could lead to destruction upon other nations. My point is to acknowledge that nationalism is not as bad as it seems to be, but globalism is a bad thing in particular, just as bad as Communism, Fascism, or Nazism, or any forms of tyrannical regimes.

I as an American Nationalist would fight for the interests of and for the American people and put my own country first and defend our borders rather than fight for another country’s civil wars like in Syria. I will also want to put my countrymen first as well because our forefathers fought and died to preserve this land from globalist affairs, same with my great grandfathers, grandfathers, and our fathers, and any other generations who would love to defend this country as much as I do. That is what makes myself a Nationalist, and I am proud to be one, just as I am proud to be An American!

That’s all I wanted to say. In other words…

Semper Fi!

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The United States spends the most on health care per person — $9,237 – according to two new papers published in the journal The Lancet.

Somalia spends the least – just $33 per person.

The data covering 184 countries was collected and analyzed by the Global Burden of Disease Health Financing Collaborator Network, a network of investigators from around the world with expertise in various aspects of health care. In between those two extremes, the spending is quite literally all over the map. And the amount of spending doesn’t necessarily translate into better health care. For more insights, we spoke to Dr. Joseph Dieleman, assistant professor at the Institute for Health Metrics Evaluation at the University of Washington. He authored the two papers, one looking at health financing from 1995 to 2014, and the other estimating future health financing to 2040.

Obviously, wealthy countries spend more on health than do poor countries. Overall, where does the money come from?

What Country Spends The Most (And Least) On Health Care Per Person?




I need to, with all the boldness the Holy Spirit will grant to me, tell everyone in this room that abortion is murder. It is the murder of a human being. I’m going to have to say it. I’m going to show it to you in the Word. I want to prove it to you with science. I want to just lay it before you and say abortion is murder. It’s a holocaust like the world has yet to see. In fact, just to put it in perspective, Stalin was guilty of murdering 40 million of his own countrymen. Hitler, 30 million human beings. The United States, since Roe v. Wade (not globally, but the United States), has blown past both of those brothers and has made them look angelic as we have slaughtered wholesale 55 million little boys and little girls. I have to say that. If I don’t say that, then all the things the secular world says about megachurch pastors become true about me (that I want you to like me, and I want your money, and I want to be famous). I’m not. I’m far more afraid of God than I am of you. I have to say that. Don’t aim at me too quickly. Yet at the same time, I am no fool. There are murderers among us. At the same time that I prophetically and boldly and courageously say, “Abortion is murder,” I also need to step into this space knowing we are guilty of it. Many of us are guilty of it. Maybe we weren’t the ones who had the abortion. Maybe we coerced and pressed somebody to have the abortion or just paid for the abortion. I need to say to you…listen to me…where sin abounds, grace abounds all the more.


First Look: The New Volvo XC60

Volvo Cars, the premium car maker, today revealed the long-awaited new XC60 premium SUV at the Geneva Motor Show.

The new car replaces Volvo’s highly-successful original XC60, which in the nine years since its launch became the bestselling premium mid-sized SUV in Europe with nearly a million units sold globally. The XC60 today represents around 30 per cent of Volvo’s total global sales.

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Fading (Soulmate AU)

Pairing: Tony x Reader

A/N: Let’s kick off my return with some angst, shall we? And I’m also working on the next part of TFE :)

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Word Count: 1,820

***Warnings: Brief description of blood, death, general angst, Self-Loathing!Tony, no sequel

Soulmate AU where your heartbeat is in sync with your soulmate. They both speed up together, and slow down together. They share every big emotion, and sense of calm.

And both hearts stop together as well.

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So, let us start with the basics. What is the 2030 Agenda? What exactly is it that is going on right now?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit is happening in New York right now, and it will be happening for the next three days. It’s a meeting between world leaders where the aim is to all agree on the formulation of the 2030 Agenda and its 17 sustainable development goals and their 196 sub-targets. The meeting will take the whole weekend, but already the Agenda has been adopted, and we now have a world Agenda for the next 15 years. The Agenda will, to put it simply, dictate the approach of the UN in their work, both how they work internally and how they work with their member states and other partners. It will also have a huge impact on how countries tackle the different challenges that they are facing in everything from environmental sustainability, to education, poverty elevation and gender equality, just to mention a few.

Worth noting is that the negotiating part of the 2030 Agenda (where member states argues about if they should use this word instead of that, and other things that surprisingly will have much bigger implications than one might think) is more or less done. The draft of the goals has been negotiated and worked on since 2012 and he Rio+20 conference, and will most likely be adopted in their entirety at this stage.

The 2030 Agenda is “a plan for people, planet and prosperity that also seeks to strengthen universal peace in larger freedom”. It is at its core an integrated set of goals and targets that illustrates the interconnectedness of the “three pillars of sustainable development” (social, environmental and economic). All goals are in the formulation of their targets connected to multiple other goals, and together they create a web of targets and goals, where one cannot pull one strand without taking into consideration how it connects to other aspects of sustainable development. This creates a complicated set of goals, and the world is definitely facing a challenge in its work towards the realization of the 2030 Agenda. However, it is also our only chance to ensure that we protect not only our selves, but also the planet we live on, and that we ensure that the needs of the present is met while also ensuring that the possibility of future generations to meet their needs is safeguarded. Our actions these coming 15 years will be crucial for how life on our planet will look in the future, and there are many exciting, if challenging, things ahead of us.


VIDEO 1 of 2: (((WARNING))) #UnitedAirlines #BootInYourFace! ALL Security Guards WILL FOLLOW #Global Corporations’ Orders! Better get use to it, YOU AIN’T SEEN ANYTHING YET! …


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THE PROBLEM IS NOT #United the PROBLEM is those Security Guards who are unable to use their OWN JUDGEMENT and NOT follow the orders pass down. JUST WAIT UNTIL “The Shit Hits The Fan” you think our #Military #Police #Army #Marines #PrivateContractors #NationalGuard and #ROTC will STAND DOWN when the orders come down to REMOVE YOU FROM YOUR HOMES OR take you out of the Food Lines OR ship you AWAY to the FEMA Camps?!? #AllAboard …

You won’t be watching #ViralVideos when “THEY” START PUTTING BOOTS IN PEOPLE’S FACES #InternetDown. If you ain’t #Preparing to be Dragged-Out and Kicking then you ain’t #Prepping! Welcome to the #NewWorldOrder #Globalist RULE no MATTER HOW SUCCESSFUL YOU THINK YOU ARE #DoctorsGetTheirAssesKickedToo …

Stay REDDIE my friends! …


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Martial art proves pretty unequivocally that the human animal is united globally. Peoples with no contact came to the same conclusions in practice about combat. Put two martial artists in a room, they’ll talk and share and interchange for humble love of the art. Fuck off with that racial/ethnic superiority shit.

The American working and middle class has been left behind by globalization. We live in a world now where the wealthiest 62 people have as much wealth as the poorest 3.6 billion - half the planet! In the United States, workers don’t have jobs, people can’t afford to pay back their college loans. The one thing that left right and center are clear about is that the system is not working, and the system can’t fix itself.
—  Tom Morello, famed musician, social activist​ and member of Prophets of Rage

The World’s Top Cities For Female Entrepreneurs [Infographic]

When it comes to the top global cities for female entrepreneurs, four of the top ten are in the United States. Chicago grabs top spot with women accounting for 30 percent of new startups. Boston is close behind with 29 percent. Silicon Valley and Los Angeles come third and fourth with 24 and 22 percent respectively.
Global fish production approaching sustainable limit, UN warns
Around 90% of the world’s stocks are now fully or overfished and production is set to increase further by 2025, according to report from UN’s food body
By Arthur Neslen

We are constantly being told of the unsustainable limits we as humans are reaching on a daily limits- not just with fishing but with what we do on land too.

I don’t think I even need to share it anymore it has become such common knowledge.

But nothing changes. People don’t really want to change but they expect change to happen anyway. There will never be a solution that makes everyone happy, but I think having a happy and healthy ocean and planet is worth changing for.