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Why does tvd episodes have approximately 1 milion viewers now but tvd gifs have a few k notes? It's like there's only 1% of a fandom on tumblr(1% of million = 10k) :(

Well, you have to consider that there are many “casual viewers” or simply viewers that are not invested in all social media. Maybe some fans prefer to express themselves just through Twitter for example.

I think it also depends if tumblr is “popular” or not in certain countries. We also have to consider that the raitings aren’t international but just American raitings.

Tumblr is a global social media, but I don’t really think the majority of the population of a country use it. I’d say it’s more likely that a fan of the show will use Twitter or Facebook, that are the most popular social media.

NASA publicly smacked down climate change deniers on Bill Nye’s Facebook page

Bill Nye was at it again on Monday, posting a widely shared link of a challenge he made to climate skeptic Marc Morano that he would bet $20,000 that the planet would keep warming. Climate deniers tried to troll Nye in the post’s public comments section, but it backfired when they got this response, not from Nye, but NASA. And NASA didn’t stop there, responding to another comment as well.

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This is Saudi Arabia…A simple tweet could threaten your life. What a society of ignorance and backwardness!

Saudi Arabia has sentenced a Twitter user to 10 years in prison in addition to 2,000 lashes for publishing 600 tweets “which spread atheism” online.

Saudi Arabia Sentences Twitter User to 10 Years in Prison and 2,000 Lashes for Apostasy

Indian Hindu-centricism in a Nutshell

Anna Hazare goes on hunger strike against government oppression and corruption in 2011: Media attention, reporters visiting, thousands turn up to support, global solidarity through social media, deemed a national hero

Bapu Surat Singh Ji Khalsa goes on hunger strike against government oppression and corruption in 2015: *crickets chirping*

Moreover, anyone seen supporting Anna Hazare was seen as a social justice activist, but anyone who shows support for Bapu Ji, who is raising awareness about ACTUAL PEOPLE who are being kept unrightfully behind bars, is seen as a “dirty agitator.”

The anti-government activism of one is seen as heroic, while the other’s is seen as “problematic” or “divisive.”

One ended his strike after 13 days and the entire country was in an uproar of support, the other has been fasting for 190 days while being force fed, all while people are silent.

It’s a global thing, social media. So it’s definitely good in that sense. But yeah, there are some drawbacks, just because people are so concerned about your life. They’re commenting on it and making up their own scenarios, because if you don’t know (the truth), you just fabricate what’s going on.
—  Lauren Jauregui elaborating on the pros and cons of social media.