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  • You: Why is the weatherman always wrong!
  • Me, an intellectual: It's because weather is governed by non-linear differential equations, which are inherently chaotic.
  • Me, carrying on as you roll your eyes: That means that the evolution of this system is prone to change greatly with even minor variations of the initial conditions.
  • Me, following you out of the shop: This is best exemplified by the infamous "butterfly effect," whereby the wind variation caused by a butterfly flapping its wings in the amazon can supposedly lead to hurricanes across the ocean.
  • Me, following you down the street: Thus, while they can collect very detailed data with satellites, weather balloons, on-the-ground measurements, and the like, there's always a certain degree of uncertainty in any attempt to model global weather patterns.


Published on Apr 27, 2017

This week I co-hosted a workout for adidas by Stella McCartney, along side Zanna Van Dijk & Karlie Kloss.

After our HIIIT workout, we took a photograph to celebrate our strength and sweat!

Karlie Kloss is a global super model and an adidas ambassador. Read more of her tips for living an active life over on my blog.


Watch the whole clip.  Zanna and Adrienne are such fangirls of Karlie

Former Hugo Boss model enlists in the IDF - 26 April 2017

When James Hirshfield walked off the plane as he made aliya two years ago, it was the first time he’d ever stepped foot in Israel.
But that wasn’t the only surprising thing about Hirshfield’s decision.
The now 31-year-old British native was enjoying a successful career as a model and professional golf coach in the US when he suddenly realized he needed to live in Israel. So he packed up his life and moved thousands of miles away.
“At the time, [modeling] was exciting, something fresh, a little bit different,” he told The Jerusalem Post. “If perhaps something didn’t kind of start a fire in my heart that made me come to Israel, there’s a chance I might have carried on modeling.”
Hirshfield signed up with the global modeling agency BMG in 2014 and found work at luxury fashion house Hugo Boss.
Nevertheless, he said, “it was something I understood I had to leave behind – it was an experience I can learn and grow from, but it was much more important for me to come to Israel.”
But Hirshfield wasn’t satisfied with just living in Israel, he needed to fulfill his dream of serving in the IDF.
“I decided I couldn’t live outside of Israel while there are 18-, 19- and 20-year-olds protecting and giving their lives to defend the country that – if something were to happen – me and my family would go to.”
Despite his drive and dedication, it wasn’t that simple. When Hirshfield arrived in Israel at age 29, “I received ‘no’ after ‘no’ after ‘no’” from the army, he recalled, since he was a decade older than their average recruit. “It was basically two years of fighting.”
But he didn’t give up, and last week, at the age of 31, he put on his uniform and began basic training, alongside immigrants from all around the world.
“I know how much everyone – not just me – has left behind: their families, their friends and their lives,” he said. “We really are here just one big family, no one is more special.”
Hirshfield has committed to a year and a half in the IDF, but hopes to attend officers’ school and extend his service.
“I hope that I’ll be able to inspire people in Israel and all around the world to know what Israel stands for and how important it is to be here – and that without an army here, there might not be a country.”

anonymous asked:

lea is so cute 😭💕 she deserves global recognition for her modelling and the industry need to start hiring 'short' models over tall yet bland, basic ass ones. and if henrik pursues modelling he deserves global success which im sure he will get because he is such a natural in front of the camera and has such a unique, striking, gorgeous look on top of being wildly charismatic, kind, woke and just fkn beautiful

i meannnnn being tall doesnt mean youre bland or basic,, I’m 6′1″, want to be a model, and i dont THINK im bland or basic tbh. you can be any height and be a model imo. 

BUT YESSSSSS lea and henrik are both very beautiful human beans and i lobe them both v much.