global fire

When Chernobyl went down, it nuked all plant life in the vicinity. And that dead forest remains standing to this day, because the meltdown also killed off all of the microscopic lifeforms that would have otherwise assisted in the decomposition of the dead material. And so these trees have stood, dead but not gone, drying out for 30 years. Primed for a fire.

Too bad that the dead wood has also been absorbing radiation like a giant sponge. One spark, and we have our first nuclear forest fire, potentially smothering huge chunks of Europe in clouds of radioactive smoke.

Ukraine is fully aware of this threat, which is why they have teams of people out there doing nothing but watching for lightning strikes and other ignition points, ready to fight the blaze the second it pops up. Hopefully, their business cards read “Nuclear Firefighter.” Otherwise, what’s the point?

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