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-EAT LESS MEAT ( or in general animal products) ! The food industry is one of the main reasons why the global warming is so fast & terryfing. The rain forest probably won’t be there anymore if you don’t do something against it. You don’t have to be vegetarian/vegan but just don’t eat 5 times a week meat/animal products. Once/twice a week is enough
-Use your bike or public transports, or just walk.
-Plant trees!!
-Donate on the websites of Greenpeace etc.
( feel free to add other things)


Climate scientists have looked at the data through many different lenses, and every time they do the math, they get the same answer. Earth is warming up, fast.”

I think if more people stood up for what they believed in we wouldn’t be blaming our society. Society is what we make, we are the problem, human are fucked the world is fine we need to change ourselves before nature decides to wipe us out again. We need to stop arguing about minimum wage and who’s opinion is better and start doing shit that matters like fighting for equal rights and changing the way we live! Like how about instead of buying groceries from a store and becoming dependent, grow your own damn food maybe the world would be healthier eating home grown vegetables and fruits instead of eating poison like McDonald’s and Taco Bell and all the other fast food places that serve poison with a side of frys and a coke. If we quit our jobs that only benefit other people and grow our own food instead of having to worry how you’re going to put food on the table how about grow it yourself and become an independent person, or family or community, or town, or state or county!If people would stop being so damn greedy and wanting to make money and buy every single thing that makes them look good to their peers maybe our society would not be to blame. If we actually stood up and said No more to things we don’t like and change the world we live in maybe it wouldn’t be live hell all the time, maybe it wouldn’t be so damn stressful! Kids how about instead of begging your parents for a new game or game console put that money aside for a solar panel and sleep better at night? How about we stop blaming other people for the world’s problems and blame ourselves and change the world instead of complaining and not doing a thing about it? How about it? Stand up. Make a change. Better the world. Make life easier. I’m losing hope in this world..

Ultra 2015 Social Overview

This past weekend thousands of millennials from all over the world descended upon the heart of Miami for yet another year of the Ultra Music Festival. For those of who are not too familiar with this festival, it is one of many EDM festivals around the world that consists of three straight days of heart-pounding bass, lazers, and neon clothing that you never thought existed. Combine that with the craziest people on earth and it’s a winning recipe for fun and/or disorder depending how you look at it.

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'We are not amused': Belgian monarchy angered by Burger King

Representatives of Belgium’s King Philippe on Monday asked the local unit of Burger King, owned by Restaurant Brands International (QSR.TO)(QSR.N), to explain itself.
Shana Van den Broeck, a spokeswoman for Burger Brands Belgium, said that the company is considering whether to make changes to the advertising.
FILE PHOTO: Belgium’s King Philippe attends a ceremony at Brussels Zaventem airport, commemorating the first anniversary of twin attacks at Brussels airport and a metro train in Brussels, Belgium, March 22, 2017.
The animated advert, noting that King Philippe was crowned in 2013, announces the brand’s launch in Belgium this month and asks: “Two Kings.
REUTERS/Didier Lebrun/PoolBRUSSELS Burger King is in trouble with Belgium’s monarchy over an advertising campaign asking Belgians to vote online to "crown” the global fast-food giant the true ruler of the country where the U.S. brand will launch next month.

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