global clock


The Bulletin’s science and security board combines measures of the probability of nuclear war, biosecurity disasters, climate change, and various other doomsday scenarios, to set the clock closer or farther away from midnight. The fewer minutes left until midnight, the closer we are to the end of the world. 

Here’s how they determined to move the clock 30 seconds forward.

This is bad news for "I Am Not A Scientist" Roman Catholic GOPers.

“A draft of a major environmental document by Pope Francis says ‘the bulk of global warming' is caused by human activity — a perspective aligned with most climate scientists but still highly controversial to some Americans. In the draft, portions of which were translated by The Washington Post, the pope takes climate change deniers to task and calls on 'humanity’ to take steps — including changing manufacturing and consumption trends — to turn back the clock on global warming. He backs the science behind climate change, citing 'a very considerable consensus that points out we are now facing a worrisome warming of the climate.'” - Michelle Boorstein, WaPo