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Swarovski & Karlie Kloss have an Audrey Hepburn “Breakfast” #bebrilliant movie moment

Published on Feb 27, 2017

One of the most iconic opening film sequences is Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly Golightly gazing longingly at a jeweler’s window still dressed to the nines from the night before in a black gown and silk gloves, holding a pastry in one hand and coffee in the other. Swarovski and global brand ambassador Karlie Kloss have evoked this scene in the most brilliant of ways. Karlie wears designs from the Swarovski archive together with brilliantly wearable modern icons including the Enlace all-around pearl necklace and the Iconic Swan earring jackets. #bebrilliant and discover more about the iconic moments re-mastered by Swarovski:

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Revlon Brand Ambassador Halle Berry Presents $1 Million Donation to Cancer Research

The Four Seasons Beverly Hills is the perfect setting for a star-studded luncheon and an even better one for a gathering with a cause. It was the backdrop for Wednesday’s lunch to celebrate Revlon’s $1 million donation to Dr. Dennis J. Slamon, M.D., Ph.D., where Global Brand Ambassador Halle Berry presented the check along with Lorenzo Delpani, CEO of Revlon Inc. and Ronald Perelman. Dr. Slamon is the Director of the Revlon/UCLA Women’s Cancer Research Program at the Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, whose efforts have made significant contributions to the fight against cancer.

Berry – an Academy Award Winning actress, mother and activist – was in good company with stars like Courteney Cox, Rashida Jones, Lorraine Bracco and Erin Foster also coming out to show their support.

Revlon is a continuing supporter of female empowerment in both beauty and health, as exemplified by their ongoing support of organizations that shed light on women’s health issues. “Over the past 20 years, Revlon has donated approximately 50 million dollars to the UCLA cancer foundation either directly or indirectly through events and other partnerships and fundraising”, Deplani said at yesterday’s event. He also alluded to new initiatives, to commence later this year, that will, “…broaden from Cancer to other women’s health related causes”.

Berry, whose relationship with Revlon spans almost 20 years since signing on as a Brand Ambassador in 1996, is also a champion for women and causes pertaining to their growth and development. Of the work the global beauty brand has done on behalf of women’s health issues, she said, “Revlon doesn’t just care about what women look like and the beauty of it all, but they really do care about our good health and our well-being.”

One final tidbit of advice from one of the world’s most beautiful woman? “Just love yourself. That’s my advice. Whatever shape or size you are.”

Now she can add one more responsibility to her roster: serving as the new celebrity global brand ambassador for Crest and Oral-B 3D White. The campaign is all about the power of a smile, and Yahoo Shine had the opportunity to speak with Shakira in Barcelona last week about her newest gig. We also got the scoop on her beauty tips, her must-have fashion items, and why she feels a smile is the ultimate accessory.

Yahoo Shine: Something people may not know is that you always do your own makeup. With access to so many experts and artists, why do you do it yourself?

Shakira: Because I’m good. [Laughs]

I’m cheap. I’m fast. [Laughs]

What’s something special you do before a red carpet appearance?

Sometimes if I’m dehydrated from flying, I put vitamin E capsules from the pharmacy on my skin. They’ll make you glow. And not too much makeup. Sometimes I look at pictures from when I was 10 years younger and I look older in those pictures. I was wearing way too much makeup ‘cause I had a makeup artist then. [Laughs.] More on Yahoo Shine: Shakira’s Style Evolution

Speaking of the past, is there one outfit you look back on and really regret wearing?

Usually I remember performances, but I don’t remember the clothes. But I do remember stuff that I should have never worn! [Laughs.] Red shorts with black leather fringes that I wore when I was 14 or 15 for this TV show, and a studded red jacket with fringes too? Uh-uh. Not a pretty picture… Obviously that happens to every one of us with fashion. You see pictures of yourself and think, “Why did I decide to wear that that day?” I’m a little more cautious with my decisions [so I don’t] wear something too risqué.

What are your go-to fashion items and designers?

I’m a jeans girl. I love being in my old pair of jeans. I love Alaia. He’s one of my favorite designers and people in the world. He’s a good friend. I love Helmet Lang and Versace. My Helmet Lang T-shirts are like a faithful dog. Something that’s always there and you can rely on.

What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever gotten?

Wear sunscreen. That’s the best advice. I don’t fry under the sun. Yeah, it gives you the cool look like you’ve been on vacation all the time, but it lasts, what, a week? And then you have to live with the damage it does to your skin.

What is your typical beauty routine when traveling?

It’s very important to keep it simple, so I try not to use too much, just to keep my skin clean, and remove my makeup at night… I discovered that vitamin C does wonders, so I apply vitamin C every morning before I put my makeup on. Or even if I don’t put makeup on. For my hair, I try not to use products with too much alcohol because they dry your hair, so I use more natural oils. Blondes really need it and with specially treated hair, you need a lot of nutrition. I’ve had every bad colorist in the world do my color and burn my hair. [Laughs.] My hair has a history of tears and sweat. But you overcome it eventually, and you have to take care of it.

Do you have any beauty tips you can share with our readers?

I sometimes scrub with natural sugar and moisturizing cream, and I rub it on once in a while to get rid of dead skin.

Why is having a great smile so important, and what is the secret to a great smile?

The secret to a great smile is being uninhibited and open and sincere. I think that people who smile ear to ear aren’t hiding anything, they are genuine, and I think that’s appreciated by others. My mother-in-law—well, she’s not my mother-in-law, but Gerard’s mother—she smiles from here to here [points to her cheeks]. And it’s such a beautiful, honest, and inviting smile that makes her so approachable. I realize that people who have that kind of smile are very friendly and project that image.

More on Yahoo: Shakira’s Amazing Body Secrets

What truly makes you smile?

Seeing my own son smile is an instant incentive. Seeing Gerard smile. Witnessing when [Gerard’s team] Barça wins. [Laughs.] Being onstage and performing for a big audience and seeing them sing along to my tunes. That’s an incredible feeling that usually makes me smile. Good news in general makes me smile. I’m a smiler—I’ve done it my entire life. Sometimes in an annoying way for some people. For example, photographers sometimes when I’m in a photo session, they’re like, “Can you stop smiling for a second, please?” and I’m like, “I can’t help it!” Because they want the sexy picture, the Angelina Jolie, and I always go back to my smile. I’m thrilled to be part of a campaign that promotes smiling. There’s no better makeup than a smile.

Young girls are under so much pressure to achieve unrealistic beauty ideals. How do you define beauty, and what advice do you have for young women struggling with their own self-confidence?

Artists also sometimes feel under that pressure ourselves. We have to struggle with the fact that you are not perfect and there are so many expectations of being perfect and achieving those impossible beauty standards. I love my work, but sometimes it has disadvantages where you can’t go out on the street because you just woke up. You can, but you won’t like the pictures you’re going to find the next morning, especially with the paparazzi. We preoccupy too much with finding the right accessories and the right dresses and the right products and makeup and all that, and yeah, they do help, but what’s really vital for us is to work on our self-confidence and trust ourselves. I think there’s nothing sexier than loving yourself and not trying too hard. When you are yourself and you show that self-respect, people tend to do the same to you. I would say all those accessories and products out there are great to help us improve, but the most important thing is that we believe in our inner beauty and project it.

Opry member Carrie Underwood welcomed Almay to Nashville as part of the launch of her campaign as their Global Brand Ambassador. Carrie will represent the full range of Almay products, including the newest 2014 launches. Here she is giving them a personal tour of her other home, the Grand Ole Opry House!