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hey guys !! this is my best friend Mari (strawbrrybabe) and she just got a full ride to university !!! she is an amazing award winning scientist and i am extremely proud of her and all of her accomplishments !! she is so so smart and so globally aware! despite being a very busy worker bee and amazing student she is also the best bee pal any one could ask for !! she’s so supportive, loving, and kind !! if you haven’t already go follow her and let her know how special she is !!!!


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You may have seen the exuberant celebrations of David Katoatau, an Olympic weightlifter competing in the 105-kg weight class for the island nation of Kiribati.

NBC titled their video clip, “Weightlifting makes David Katoatau want to dance.”

But there’s another, solemn reason for his joyful performance. Katoatau told Reuters he wants to raise global awareness of the climate change that threatens to destroy his country. 

Video: NBC, Map: Wikimedia

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Saving this beautiful planet we live on may not be a priority for you but hey, the least you could is make it a little less shitty!! :p


April 21, 2017 !! 

10-day study challenge  // Day 3

Good Morning!! These are notes on a global awareness topic I was studying. I really like global awareness bc of all the controversial topics we discuss in the class, and its not boring @ all.

Tomorrow is the Advanced Math placement test for my high school!!! ( so nervous oh my ) Thanks to everyone who wished me good luck! 

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When the Sun is most elevated: Important. Solar star
When the Moon is most elevated: Mother of the world
When Mercury is most elevated: Known for what they say
When Venus is most elevated: Widely adored
When Mars is most elevated: Ruthlussly ambitious
When Jupiter is most elevated: Global awareness
When Saturn is most elevated: Self scathingly ambitious
When Uranus is most elevated: Trailblazer
When Neptune is most elevated: Savior of humanity
When Pluto is most elevated: Avoidant and revolutionary

the chart’s most elevated planet is that nearest to the midheaven or tenth house cusp, the distance above the horizon.

In this chart, Pluto is the planet of elevation, placed in 10th house Capricorn

my-pizzais-aggressive  asked:

You are aware that globally communism has killed more than the Holocaust right?

Nope, that’s historical revisionism used to excuse Nazi warcrimes on the Eastern front and slaughter of Jewish people and partisans by Nazi sympathizing governments. 

 It’s not uncommon for those statistics to come directly from Nazi propaganda.  There are other common statistical bullshit as well, such as blaming the Soviets for Soviets who died in WWII fighting Nazis, deaths that should be attributed to the Nazi invasions, counting Nazis as “victims”, or assuming that 50s China should have had longer life expediencies than 1990s UK.  Some of the numbers attributed to Stalin are so high he would have had to kill the entire population of the Soviet Union.

But let’s specifically talk about this myth regarding the Holocaust, the Soviet Union, WWII and the notion of “double genocide”.

The Communists killed more Nazis than anyone in WWII, stopped the Nazis from being able to take the rest of Europe, including the UK, and actively armed aided Jewish resistances as well as other anti-Nazi resistance movements, the Soviets killed Hitler, and a multitude of other actions that took down the Nazis.  As part of denying the crucial role that the Soviet Union played in defeating Nazism, Western capitalists and European Nazi sympathizers needed to insist the Soviet Union was worse and therefore not praiseworthy.  The US also sheltered Nazis, brought Nazi warcriminals to the US, hid evidence of warcriminals, and used Nazis as spies against the Soviets after WWII, so the narrative that the Soviets were worse pops up to excuse to the US government who was utilizing Nazi warcriminals to get an edge against the Soviets.

But there’s also a specificly antisemitic narrative that has been pushed since WWII wherein Nazis and rightwingers in Eastern Europe tried to blame Jewish people for starting WWII and insisted that Jewish people had committed (fictional, maliciously false) crimes against gentiles in Eastern Europe and therefore “deserved” murder.  Typically here, communist and Jewish are conflated regardless of the politics of the Jewish people involved, Jewish living conditions under the Soviet Union, or anything to do with the Soviet government (other than Soviet anti-Nazism).

The myth of “double genocide” serves to try to rehabilitate the image of collaborators and murderers of Jewish people in Eastern Europe.  A good example is the rightwing Ukrainian government that considers known Nazi supporters and murderers of Jewish people (and murderers of ethnic Poles) as “victims” of communism.  Here’s a quote about how the “double genocide” myth functions in regards to Lithuanian history:

Claims that Jews committed genocide against Lithuanians had begun in June, 1941, when pro-Nazi Lithuanians spread rumors that Jews had deported Lithuanians to the Soviet Union, that Jewish snipers had fired on Lithuanian civilians, and that Jews had drawn up lists of Lithuanians for death squads to execute. This adaptation of the Nazi myth that Jews had “stabbed the nation in the back” helped to assuage the Lithuanian sense of inferiority, resulting from their occupation by Poland for twenty years before Stalin invaded in 1940, and their holding out for only eight hours before handing the Memel territory back to Hitler’s Germany.

Rightwing Lithuanians began to blame the Jews for the Soviet invasion. “Jew” meant “Communist,” “Communist” meant “Jew,” they were “one gang of bastards,” according to Lithuanian Activist Front propaganda distributed before, during and after the German invasion. When even the Nazis expressed shock at the barbarity Lithuanians used in massacring Jews at the Lietukis garage in Kaunas (June 27th, 1941), it was explained that some of the perpetrators had lost family members during the Soviet deportations. When the tide of war turned and Germany pulled back from Stalingrad, Germans in Vilnius and Kaunas blamed the Jews both for the defeat and for starting World War II.

If you have something specific to talk about that isn’t reguritated Nazi propaganda, go for it.

I’m not saying that no Communist government ever, or no Soviets ever, did anything bad, but this specific mythos is absolutely rooted in disgusting rightwing and Nazi lies.

PS: Killing Nazis is good and is not genocide.  “Nazi” isn’t an ethnic group, it’s a political ideology that calls for the murder of millions.

Shame on people that unfollow me for trying to speak out and spread awareness in global child sex trafficking with our government very very involved. Just as disgusting if you turn a cheek to this evilness amongst these young souls. The people will not be silenced. Your beloved obama funds and attends these sex rings

Uranus in the 9th House - Conjuring Cosmic Chemistry

“You’re here to be light, bringing out the God-colors in the world.
(Matthew 5:14, The Message)

The mind is alive, alert, and responsive to cosmic activity with Uranus in the 9th house. Uranus tips on an oddball axis, so wherever Uranus is placed in the chart signifies something unusual, evocative, and mad. The spiritual quest with Uranus in the 9th is generated by electric intuition, global awarness, and strange mazes to find God. The higher mind with Uranus in the 9th can ascend through the stratosphere. The individual pieces together universal patterns and finds significant meaning in strange experiences. This may create a spiritual pathway that deviates from the norm, that expresses from the deepest creative elixir of individuality, and infuses intuition with divine law and perception. The individual may indulge in conspiracies, science, astronomy, astrology, or political revolt to give life meaning and satiate delightful curiosity. Think of an altar with the Virgin Mary drapped in neon lights, a scientists who meditates, or someone wearing a turquoise cross with books written by Paulo Coehlo. 

Uranus in the 9th house people are liberal, progressive, and turn learning into a lifelong, awakening experience. There may be an urgency to travel to unusual locations, experience as much of the world as possible, and develop a unique, individualised philosophy. The further from home, the more at one with the self the individual can feel. Uranus in the 9th writes their own bible, the inspiring thoughts of God crackle in the mind like lightning bolts from heaven. The individual is a guru who focuses on intuitive functions with excellent, although sporadic command. Psychic activity may be prophetic, however unreliable, erratic, and labile. When the individual dwells in the higher mind, the universe becomes a socket of inspiring and stimulating activity, a carousel ride into spiritual genius. While the individual is engaged in education, it can be difficult to maintain interest at institutional learning environments. Maybe the person attends school for a few months and then leaves for a semester. The individual prefers to learn on their own terms and time. It’s like suddenly the spark ignites again, the mind is famished, burning for activity, information, and study.

Truth is important to Uranus in the 9th people. However the individual is compelled to question the validity of truth, society, and political law. They value a free and expressive society, secular and humanitarian. There may be an open mind for alien experiences, unorthodox prayer, pilgramige, and experimenting with different religions. The collective view is expressed with Uranus in the 9th as a universal composition of one divine Source through each belief system and spiritual experience. Church is a temple embraced by the higher mind when Uranus is in the 9th house. Symbols come to life just for them. The individual makes a natural teacher, seer, and oracle. They can guide people in illuminating and exciting ways. The quest for divine intimacy must be self generated, wild, and boundless. An awakened higher mind uses intellect to grasp ideas, while glittery intuition fills the empty spaces. A 9th house university floating in outer space, lessons on extraterrestrials and human religion, starry chemistry, and revolutions. Books on mythology plugged into crystal ball charger, a flight through the divine’s muse.


Being a #GlobalCitizen isn’t about having or giving money. It’s about educating ourselves and everyone around us about the issues that people are facing GLOBALLY, and doing what we can to help. Whether it’s filling out an online petition, volunteering at a local shelter, helping an elderly person cross the street, or even posting on social media to spread awareness. This is not sponsored or an ad. I’m just speaking from the heart, and hoping you’ll join me in spreading positivity across the globe. 😊


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