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Uploading a bunch of artwork I finished for Global Game Jam last month! Our team worked on a rhythm game that revealed a story as the screen moves horizontally across panels :> Realized that they kinda look like comic panels so there :V

This is only…20% of the total art. And I had to illustrate everything in under 48 hours ; ____ ; I got sick for a couple days after that game jam OTL BUT IT WAS FUN

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Abandoned Love Series | Peyton Fulford

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“ Abandoned Love is a photographic series in which the artist had people from all over the world (Australia, Italy, Ireland, New Zealand, UK, and the USA) send her private thoughts, diary entries, text messages, etc on Tumblr to which she then created into banners and placed on abandoned buildings. ”

The Earth is in crisis. All over the globe, the devastating effects of climate change are becoming more common and more severe. But the President-elect appointed someone who doesn’t believe in global warming as the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. But that’s kind of a depressing topic to think about during this time of year so here’s Donald Trump in a sparkly lil dress. I’m sorry. You’re welcome. 

Leila Pazooki, Moments Of Glory, 2010.

“Iranian Artist Leila Pazooki’s multi-coloured tube writing reveals the parallels that are too easily drawn between some great names in Western art history and other artists from Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Might it then be possible to discover an Iranian Jeff Koons, an Indian Damien Hirst, a Dali from Bali, or even a Renoir from South Africa?  There are so many quotes from the press that reveal a certain reluctance to consider every artistic production independently, without an accompanying reference to some supposed Western counterpart.”

“Is this laziness on the part of the critic unable to grasp an artwork outside of his own value system? Is it the desire to assert the supremacy of the Western art scene over the rest of the world? Or does it show the stigmas created by the globalization of the art world from a Western point of view?”