QUICK GUIDE: This is a map that shows life expectancy around the globe

Japan was the country with the longest life expectancy at 83.1 years. In Africa, most countries fall below 65-year averages, with Sierra Leone the lowest at 45 years.

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Okinawans resist U.S. military bases
Resistance is alive and well in Okinawa. Some 65,000 people rallied on June 19 in Naha, the island’s capital city, to protest the U.S. military presence on their island. Signs called for the withdrawal of Marines in the largest protest in 21 years against U.S. bases.

By Kathy Durkin

This demonstration was sparked by the rape and murder of an Okinawan woman by a former U.S. Marine working at Kadena Air Base, a horrific but not uncommon occurrence. The Asia-Pacific Journal of July 1 said 120 rapes by U.S. military personnel had been reported in Okinawa since 1972. Notably, in 1995, 85,000 people protested the kidnapping and rape of a 12-year-old girl by three U.S. soldiers on the island and demanded closure of the Futenma Marine Corps Air Station.

Mysterious “GodSelf Icon” Found Worldwide: Lost Symbol of an Ancient Global Religion?

Ancient Origins Guest Author Richard Cassaro reveals the surprising fact of how pyramid cultures around the globe employed the same three-door “Triptych Temple” pattern, and notes that similarly, an iconic image depicting a central figure, a hero or god, facing forward and holding in either hand parallel objects or animals, seems to be a hallmark of such civilizations.

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Puerto Rico’s new phase: People resist financial junta

By Berta Joubert-Ceci

On June 30 when President Barack Obama signed the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management and Economic Stability Act — PROMESA (meaning promise in Spanish) — it triggered a new phase of struggle in the island/archipelago.

The law, passed by the U.S. Senate a day earlier and described by most corporate media as a “help” to Puerto Rico, has, on the contrary, the intention to establish a collection agency through a Financial Control Board for the benefit of bondholders at the expense of the Puerto Rican people.

The fiscal crisis has had serious consequences in many areas of the country. The measures the government has implemented — with the advice of U.S. companies, including those contained in Plan Krueger 2015 — have driven the people into poverty and despair.

Zika Epidemic Highlights Repressive Reproductive Health Laws In Latin America
The World Health Organisation advises people living in Zika-affected areas to avoid getting pregnant. But some experts say that suggestion is unrealistic...

Policymakers need to accelerate their efforts to stop the spread of Zika and address this serious health crisis—not place the burden on the women who are most at risk.

Teachers of Mexico say: ‘Education is not for sale!’

By Judy Greenspan

Morelos, Mexico, July 10 — Many public schools in the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero, Chiapas, Tabasco and others will remain closed tomorrow even though the school year has not ended. The real education will take place in the streets of Mexico, where teachers, parents and other supporters continue their strike against the privatization of public education.