glob adventure time



Idk but i’m starting to appreciate Lemongrabs recently after watching few of the previous episodes all over again XD

personally rant and pov: Maybe one of the things that PB failed to accomplished as a person, or better, as a creator (or as a mother), was to spend more time with the 3 Lemongrab generations. I bet they wanted Bonnie to accept them as they are instead of trying hard to understand their situations. Before Neddy, before she got throne jacked, Bonnibel has always been there desperately trying so bad to fix things instead of being acceptance. Just like Goliad. She wanted to make things convenient by being fair but not by loving. Its like “I cannot afford to love you because I’m always so busy and I.have no time for that!” kinda vibe. And i think this may be her biggest mistakes during her glorious reign. She didnt loved enough.

//PB has been going around making babies but she doesnt want to be their mommy.//

But i’m glad she finally slowed down after living her temporary solitude and admitting her egos(hubris) in early season 7 and “Stakes” episodes. I never hated PB no matter what. I love her and i personally find her twisted personalities so appealing. And i think we owe it all to the amazing Hynden Walch for the crazy shades of Princess Bubblegum ;)