Cheesy love poem: 

School cafeteria. First week, Tuesday. 
I caught you staring for the first time.
Or did you catch me first. 
You smiled. It was still awkward. 

And I was still more reluctant than
A lactose intolerant in a diner. 
Cheesy made sick, made me puke.
But you made me nauseous, nervous. 

But only when you stopped the mushy,
the ‘babe’, winks and the kissy emojis. 
I mean I did tell you off - coldly.  
But then you took off your wrapper.

You were you, and you made me melt.
Like bread on butter. Like grilled cheese
Oozing from my golden - brown edges
I couldn’t contain it. My mistake.

Because you were mozzarella and I was cheddar
You went along and found someone better.

Someone you wouldn’t find with a lunchables. 
But with glass of  Chateau Margaux on the table. 

I guess I was just another slice in the packet.
It doesn’t cost you a thing to leave me


—  No matter how far apart we grew there were always strands keeping us together like melted cheese on pasta. A little bit of us always stayed together.