10 things everyone experiences in college

1. Waking up to a bucket of glo worms chanting your name every Tuesday
2. Leaving your wife and kids to fulfill your dreams of becoming a door to door salesman selling a half empty bottle of ranch
3. Professor KnowsStuff always talking about knowing stuff. Then to make you know stuff they shove the tube of knowledge up your nose.
4. The tradition of filling your pockets with miniature camels and sprinting to all of your classes so people stop stealing your camels. It’s advised that you wear ear plugs because the screeching of “GIVE US THE CAMELS” from your fellow classmates has been known to cause irreversible ear damage.
5. Ripping out your teeth to appease the mysterious hooded figure lurking in the shadows.
6. Iron
7. Finding a severed head in your cup of ramen noodles
8. Eating your way out of class
9. Hoarding thousands of realistic statues of dogs so that everyday for the next few years you can smash one with a hammer while rolling around in its remains as a remix of cats meowing in the tune of happy birthday plays in the background.
10. Not being able to function without your morning cup of coffee.

sometimes my heart aches thinking about the toys I loved that my mom made me give away because I “had too many toys” like, I miss them so much, and then I had to get rid of more toys when we moved and like… I’m filling the void by getting new toys but I WANT MY OLD TOYS BACK!!! I want my talking LaLa doll and my Winnie the Pooh plush backpack and my Glo Worm and my dollhouse and my barbies hhhhh I HATE being so emotionally attached to toys I’m such a loser but I love my toys please kill me

This gif really speaks to me on a personal level.

Because I have owned this bad boy for over 24 years.

He has been by my side through thick and thin. He was with me when I got my tonsils removed, chicken pox, every family vacation, and even went to college with me. My Glo Worm is more than just a material object, he is a treasure and a friend full of memories. And if loving him is stupid, then I don’t wanna be smart.