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Starburst makes jellybeans!?! Awesome! I need to crawl out of under the rock I must be living under and go get some!

Oh snap, immediately!  Warning though, Starburst jellbeans are so good that they’ll spoil all other jellybeans for you, and you’ll instantly become a jellybean snob, ready to leap into conversations and expound on the many virtues of starburst jellybeans whenever someone even remotely mentions jellybeans.  Or jelly.  Or even just beans.

Stained Glass by Harry Clarke - Church Of Christ The King, Knockmore, County Mayo, Ireland

Photographed by Fergal of Claddagh, Flickr has the church listed with the year 1845.  Don’t know if maybe the windows were renovated, or of these are indeed the originals.  They look bright and modern.  If they are originals, - all the more impressive.