This Yin Yang Bowl was a custom order, to be given as a wedding gift.  The design is based on their wedding invitations.

The bowl is actually done in a steely blue, but reflects purple, green and gold because it’s capped with an iridized clear.  Dichro pieces make the sun & moon, while a mix of frits and glass paint form the design.

Hope the recipient enjoys it!

Wave Fused Glass Insert stained glass panel by Glitz & Grandeur

This is the other fused glass piece that was being worked on in earlier posts.  It’s framed all around by glass globs, textured glass and bevels.  I like the framing of this one slightly better than the one posted prior, but it’s a bit more tedious to foil, layout and solder around all those glass globs.


One of the fused glass insert panels, completed.  This one is outlined in a beautiful dark purple/blue/green/white stipple glass with a column of glass and glass globs on each side.  Two different types and shades of blue, ripple textured glass has been used, along with a teal spectrum.  Textured clears outline everything and dual rows of bevels line the top and bottom.