glitz & grandeur

Working on some small craftsman style panels.  This particular style also  reffered to as prairie, Frank Lloyd Wright and arts and crafts, is very common in the homes here in the midwest region of the United States.  In keeping with the style, this panel is being constructed with lead came.   


With the long, narrow panel completed the real challenge begins:  getting this piece shipped to it’s destination in Pennsylvania, without damage.  It’s not being fully crated in an attempt to keep shipping costs down, but the length requires support, so a wood frame is required.  It will be boxed rather than closing off the top and bottom with wood to keep the weight down.   The measurement of the package, along with the weight determine if the shipment can go with a regular home/business delivery, or if it needs to be shipped freight.

“Sunburst” panel - work in progress - initial layout of colored pieces

This is a pattern from 1st quarter of 2012.  Background pieces cut and foiled.  Could not find a center jewel in the color or size that I wanted, so the clear faceted jewel that came with the bevel cluster will be used, but to add color and depth, it will be foiled and soldered atop a bright orange/yellow streaky Spectrum glass cut to the size of the circle.

Wave Fused Glass Insert stained glass panel by Glitz & Grandeur

This is the other fused glass piece that was being worked on in earlier posts.  It’s framed all around by glass globs, textured glass and bevels.  I like the framing of this one slightly better than the one posted prior, but it’s a bit more tedious to foil, layout and solder around all those glass globs.


“Spring Bloom” by Glitz & Grandeur

Orange confetti glass panel, completed.  This is the one with the old fractured streamers piece of glass (shown in a  post a few weeks back) used as the centerpiece.  It was framed with strips of glass, bevels, and two amber jewels.  This panel is really all about the glass.  Besides the centerpiece, it includes some of my favorite glass; some old Chicago Art Glass, the heavily textured clear herringbone, a pale amber hammered and some (youghiogheny)
stipple glass.

My apologies for the flash - tried to get the colors to show.  It’s been overcast and snowy over the last few days, so no bright sun shining through.  I’ll have to take a better photo some other day.

As for the name, it’s either “Spring Bloom” because the focal reminds me of flowers on a stem, or “Orange you ready for Spring?”  because orange is the common hue, the spring green color with the orange reminds me of spring, and it’s just that time of the year where I am just starting to get a little tired of the cold, damp & wind and long for spring. 


“Water” panels, work in progress - Both panels have now been soldered, front and back.  Cut the zinc came to frame the panels.  Next, the frame will be soldered, then the hangers and chain attached.  These panels are not going to be patinaed so just a good cleaning/polish and they’ll be completed.