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A Collection of Festive Videos Feat. Dan and Phil

I don’t know if this exists yet, but just in case it doesn’t:

The Truth About December-Dan 2013

Christmas Charades-Phil feat. Louise 2013

Christmas Would You Rather-Louis feat. Phil 2013

Ariana Grande vs. Dan and Phil-BBCR1 2013

You Don’t Know You’re Beautiful-Dan’s video for Dan vs. Phil BBCR1 2013

What’s This?-Phil’s Christmas video for Dan vs. Phil BBCR1 2013

Dan and Phil vs. Conor Manard Christmas Tongue Twisters-BBCR1 2013

Official Chart’s Christmas Number 1 Contenders-BBCR1 2013

New New Years Resolutions-BBCR1 2013

Christmas Disaster-Dan feat. Phil, Chris, Peej 2012

Nine Racing Crackers-Carrie feat. Dan and Phil 2012

Dan and Phil’s Christmas Quest-BBCR1 2012

Dan and Phil Christmas Show-BBCR1 2012

Internet Awards-BBCR1 2012

Six Festive Questions-Carrie feat. Phil 2012

Two Chocking Wallies-Carrie feat. Dan 2012

Glittery Toilet-Super Amazing Project 2012

Freaky Snowman-Super Amazing Project 2012

Jesus Sock-Super Amazing Project 2012

New Year? NEW YOU!-Dan 2012

Toad Playing iPod-Super Amazing Project 2011

Cute Pandas Playing in the Snow-Super Amazing Project 2011

Flesh Eating Bananas-Super Amazing Project 2011

Inappropriate Octopus-Super Amazing Project 2011

OMG UR soo POSH LOL!1!!-Dan 2011 (Not Christmas themed but during the holiday season)

Dan and Phil BBC Radio 1 Christmas 2011

How to make Christmas Cookies-Phil feat. Dan 2011



AmazingDan 2-Dan feat. Phil 2010 (once again, not actually Christmas-themed)

New Years Resolution Fail-Dan 2010 

Mystery Christmas Present Cave-Phil 2010

THE TREE-Phil feat. Dan 2010


I WANT SNOW-Phil 2009

Two Thousand and Nine-Phil 2009

Socks.-Phil 2008

ChristmasPhil-Phil 2008

Well, that took forever.. I hope all the links work. :/ I didn’t add any live shows because by the time I had linked all those, I thought my brain was going to explode. It’s inevitable that I’ve missed some videos, so feel free to add them! :D I hope you have a great holiday. I’ll probably spend mine watching these…
Merry Christmas, Phandom!

P.S. I’ve bolded some of my favorites.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Decided to make a master post of Dan and Phil Christmas videos, you're welcome this took forever lol, feel free to message me links of the ones I missed :) (truth about christmas) (dan) (christmas disaster) (foursome) (amazing dan 2) (dan and phil) (its around xmas lol) (christmas charades with louise) (phil and louise) (how to make to christmas cookies) (dan and phil) (i drank eggnog) (phil and dan) ( i am god) (i think this is xmas related? plus it makes me laugh lol) (phil and dan) (mystery christmas present cave) (phil and dan) (the tree) (phil and dan) (interactive christmas adventure) (phil and dan) (i want snow) phil (chistmas phil) (phil) (foursome twister) (radio christmas show 2011) dan and phil (radio christmas show 2012) dan and phil (phil, what’s this?) (christmas tongue twisters) dan and phil (ariana grande vs dan and phil) (dan and phil christmas video challenge video diary) (christmas number one contenders) (dan and phil) (somewhere only) (dan and phil) (glittery toilet) (sap) (freaky snowman) (sap) (real life madagascar) (sap) (toad playing iPhone) (sap) (cute pandas playing in the snow) (sap) (flesh eating bananas) (sap) (inappropriate octopus) (sap)