glittery pink nails

Alphas Competing For An Omega Headcanons

-An Omega with two Alphas as their best friends, and the Alphas pretend to get along but really they see each other as rivals because they both love the Omega. The Omega being very oblivious and just being so happy when all three of them are together, not noticing when the Alphas get a little too touchy because the Alphas both want their own scent on the Omega more than the other’s

-When making plans to go out and do something the Alphas will argue for a long time, trying to make the other submit in order to show the Omega who the more dominant Alpha is. But the Omega isn’t paying attention and finally says, “let’s get ice cream!” and both Alphas instantly shut up and agree because they want to make the Omega happy

-One of the Alphas giving the Omega a gift with the intention of courting them but not only does the Omega not realize what the Alpha was trying to do, the other Alpha hears about it and gives the Omega an even better gift. And all they get out of their efforts is the Omega gushing about what great friends they are

-Going to the beach together and the Alphas using the opportunity to try and gain the Omega’s attention by showing off some skin and muscle, however the Omega is far too excited about the water and makes quick work of removing the majority of their own clothing before running straight in…leaving two dazed Alphas staring after them

-One of the Alphas hearing the Omega gush about how good the other Alpha is with children so they suggest volunteering at a daycare for a day because they want the Omega to see that they are also good with children. The other Alpha hears about it and invites themselves to join, but the day they are supposed to go the Omega ends up being sick and the two Alphas are left to take care of a bunch of kids by themselves and childishly competing over who the kids like more even though the Omega is not there

-The two Alphas being very competitive with each other around the Omega and turning everything into a contest like, “I’m so hungry I could eat ten burgers” and the other one going, “Oh yeah? I can eat 15.” and the Omega just watches in concern while they eat until they are sick

-Both Alphas always doting on the Omega, giving them their favorite snacks or fixing their hair or carrying them around places, and the Omega being so glad to have such caring friends

-The Omega asking one Alpha if they can paint their nails and the Alpha says no, so the other Alpha sees the opportunity and says yes…but they both end up with glittery pink nails and no mate to show for it

-The Alphas having a moment of truce just to vent because the Omega is just so oblivious and frustrating….“I’m still not giving them to you though.”

-The Omega actually knowing how the Alphas felt the entire time but acting like they didn’t because they enjoyed the attention and they were actually in love with both Alphas and trying to prolong the inevitable choice they would have to make

Pinky Promise

Bobby x niece!reader
(Implied) Dean x reader
Warnings: Bobby feels

“Unca Bobbbbbyyyy!! I know you’re in therrrree!”

When she got no response, the five year old huffed, putting her hands on her hips, tapping her foot impatiently.

Her Uncle, or Unca as she liked to call him, was in the bathroom for over an hour, trying to get all the makeup off his face that his niece had so generously put on him. When it finally washed off, he started thinking of an escape plan to escape whatever she wanted to play next.

“Come on, I just wanna play with my dolls!” She whined, banging the back of her head against the door.

He slowly opened the door, peeking his head through.

“Promise?” He asked, and his niece smiled, rolling her eyes.

“Unca Bobby you’re being ridigaliz!”

He raised an eyebrow, and she held out her pinky to seal the deal.

“Pinky promise.” She said, and he walked out in front of her, hooking his pinky with hers, giving it a firm shake.

She led him to her doll collection, seeing a red washcloth laid out on the table, supposedly be a red carpet runner. Her Barbie was in a stained white prom dress, a dryer sheet taped her head, as a veil.

Her Ken doll was dressed in a suit, paper cut into a triangle taped to his chest, serving as a handkerchief. He had no shoes on, and glittery pink nail polish was smeared across his toes.

“Kid, what is this?” He asked, and Y/N heldup her toys.

“Its a wedding!” She replied, smiling up at him.

When he had finally sat down next to her, she instructed him on what he should say and do. When it was time for the father to walk the bride down, Bobby didn’t move his character.

“You have to bring the bridedown!” She whispered, in case he forgot.

“I don’t think I wanna, kid.”

“Why not?” She asked, frowning at his sudden change of mood. She covered her barbies ears with her fingers, not wanting to hear something that could possibly ruin the wedding.

“What I mean is a father spends his whole life caring for his daughter, only to have her taken away by some other man?”

She groaned, facepalming him.

“She’s not getting taken away, Unca Bobby. She’s all grown up! She need somebody to give her hugs and kisses and save her from all the evil stepmothers and scary fire breathing DRAGONS!” Y/N’s eyes widened at the thought of the evil stepmothers and monsters, she snapped out of her trance, telling Bobby to move the doll.

“Promise you won’t kiss boys, ever?”

He asked, and she scrunched up her nose.

“Ew, no! Boys have cooties!” She said, and Bobby breathed a sigh of relief.

Later on Bobby would realise that she had not pinky promised to seal the deal.

“What do you mean you can’t walk me down?” She asked her Uncle, who was nervously playing around with his tie.

Her hand was on the door that would reveal them to the awaiting public outside.

“I say this whole wedding is nuts.”

“Bobby.” She hissed, before sighing.

“You’re the one who told Dean to marry me. I mean we were gonna take it slow by waiting another year, but you wanted to make sure he was committed.”

“That boy is all about love em and leave em. I had to make sure he didn’t break your heart.”

“Then why can’t you walk me down?”

“Cause your growing up too fast, alright!?” He yelled, and she removed her hand from the door.

“Bobby, you’ll always be my old man, and I’ll always be your little girl.”


“Pinky promise.”

Sunny began to pull the clothing out of the machine, her high heels stumbling against the laminated floor of the laundrette. Her slender, tanned body clad in a pink mini dress. Glittery pink and long manicured nails toying with one of the buttons trying to figure out exactly what it’s use was. 
The blonde stood up straight and tilted her head to the side in confusion before leaning back down.
“ Believe it or not I do know what I’m doing, “  she lied.

Ronan would let Blue paint his nails black. Gansey would let her paint his nails dark green or blue. Adam would let her paint his nails with clear, shiny nail polish. They’d all make sure it was tasteful and wouldn’t get too much attention at school. 

And Noah would let her paint his nails with bright pink, glittery nail polish.