glittery nail varnish

Magnus’s party style is probably one part Valhalla, one part Teen Girl Slumber Party, one party Fraternity Initiation. He wants to chug beer and sing folk songs really loudly, then have a braid train and play dumb party games that end with everyone drunk and having pushup contests. The Bureau of Balance office parties aren’t really his style, but when he gets a chance to hang out with just his friends he is a party animal in a weird and specific way. He does everyone’s hair. He and Avi get way to into Truth or Dare, except it’s all dares because Zone of Truth is in effect. They are barely restrained from streaking across the quad. Killian and Carey are that one couple that will not stop suggesting 7 Minutes In The Celestial Plane and end up just tipsily cuddling. Noelle mixes drinks. Taako proves to be terrible at doing nails. Merle gets banished from the dorm after he gives a weirdly graphic answer during their game of Bed, Wed, Behead. Newbies who stumble into their grasp are lightly hazed, except Angus who they try to send to bed but “accidentally” send to the kitchen instead (He graciously puts himself to bed on their behalf). They wrap up the night by singing Fantasy Top 40 pop hits so loud the Director can hear them and has to take a moment to remember Magnus and Lup’s Mead and Makeover parties on the ship. Everyone comes into work the next morning hung over and covered in glittery nail varnish, especially Carey who has to scrape the stuff off her horns. Avi can’t look anyone in the face for a week, and no one wants to look Magnus in the face but he has no shame. No regrets when the party is on, even if you end up doing curls with a passed out Merle as a weight. 

Ryan really just loves things that sparkle

• It all started from when he saw his mama putting on the most beautiful sparkling earrings when he was twelve years old and from that point on he decided that he would wear sparkles as much as he possibly could.

• He used to get teased at school when he would have jewels on his phone case, a beautiful earring or a cute diamond keyring on the end of the zipper on his bag.

• It was in his senior year that he really embraced the sparkle. Silver glittery nail varnish was just an everyday accessory because, darn, did it make his fingers look good.

• He would always carry his nail varnish in his bag incase he chipped one or someone else wanted their nails done.

• Seriously you should have seen his lunch table when their was a big party on. It would be full with students needing their nails done as they wouldn’t have time when they got home by the time they needed to leave.

• Speaking of parties, there was no place better for him to be extra™ with the glitter. It would be on his cheekbones, his lips, eyebrows, hair, anywhere it would look amazing!!

• Ryan looks amazing in glitter but no mattee how hard he tried, or how good he may look he could not convince Clay or Tony to wear some even though they would look fabulous.