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So this was an idea that landed in my inbox from an incredibly lovely anon, however as always I can’t just write a nice short blurb so I felt it was a little long for an answer to an ask hence why I’ve done it this way. This isn’t much of anything really. It is CEO!luke and is linked in to that little series I’ve had going but it’s not a substantial part of the story as such so do with this what you will. If you want the other parts to the series you’ll find it in my master list, right here . Enjoy! x

“Alright I think that’s me ready to go” you sighed as your bare feet left the final step and touched down onto the hard wood of your open plan living room/dining room, turning to where your other half and little girl were in the kitchen, her back to you as Luke merely nodded and smiled in response as he slid his tie through his collar before leaving it there as he jumped to catch the glittery cup of apple juice that was almost knocked to the floor.

It felt harder to move your feet, not only because you’d now slipped on a pair of patent black heels to complete your signature look for work, but because with every step you took you were getting ever closer to having to leave your little family to take on a 9 hour work day, assuming you finished on time - which you rarely did. “And you’re totally okay with dropping little miss off at the daycare right?” You questioned for the fifteenth time this morning, which was a lot given that it wasn’t even 8am yet.

“Yes” he groaned, a smile still present on his face which he knew you’d assume was because he was reluctantly fond of how you always worked extra hard to ensure the three year old sat to the left of him on the kitchen island’s life ran as smoothly possible. However he, and his accomplice - currently dressed in her Sesame Street pyjamas, knew the truth behind his smirk.

“But Daddy,” she began, a frown set deep on her little features, “you said I’m not go–” she was soon cut off as a teeny triangle of toast with chocolate spread - which mummy had said should have been all natural peanut butter or honey at most, but mummy wasn’t downstairs at that point - was delicately yet urgently placed into her open mouth by her father, effectively stopping her from completing her sentence. He managed a quick yet subtle shake of his head, widening his eyes at the little one before turning back to you.

“Yep, all is fine, quit worrying. I literally make deals worth millions every day, I think I can handle the morning drop off.” He teased, tongue poking out from between his teeth as he rubbed his hands together to get the toast crumbs off, making his way around the table to you to say goodbye properly.

You narrowed your eyes at him, arms crossing over your chest as you inhaled through your teeth sceptically. “Millions?” You asked, feigning disbelief as you fought a grin. “I’ve seen your stats honey, don’t you think that’s a bit of an exaggeration?” You joked, raising an eyebrow in challenge.

“You’re going to be late.” He quipped not missing a beat, eyes alight with unconditional adoration for you as he slipped his fingers into the waistband of your pencil skirt just enough to give him leverage to pull you in to press his lips to yours. “Go on.” He laughed, nodding his head towards to front door, able to see the headlights of your awaiting car illuminating the front garden that was currently littered with water toys from when you guys had enjoyed the good weather at the weekend. As if he thought you needed more encouragement, as soon as you had turned away from him to say goodbye to your little one his hand moved quickly to tap your behind cheekily.

“Hey,” you protested weakly, still smiling, “you’ll get me covered in chocolate. Don’t think I didn’t see that.” You narrowed your eyes playfully at your giggling three year old, lips pursed into a tight smile. “Okay, I’ll see you later baby, have fun today!” You grinned widely now, index and thumb moving to gently pinch her face into a pout as you pressed a kiss to her adorable little nose, the loud sounds of her giggling ringing throughout the kitchen.

“And I’ll see you later on, too.” You beamed at him, slipping your bag over your forearm. “We could go out for dinner tonight?” You asked casually as you slipped a bracelet on your wrist. “Yeah, maybe” he tried to reply as nonchalantly as possible, throwing in an uncharacteristic awkward shrug as he silently prayed you didn’t notice it.

Which, thankfully, you didn’t, blowing one more kiss to both of them as you disappeared out of the door. “What did we say about not telling mummy?” He laughed loudly as soon as the door had clicked shut, jogging around the island to stand before his baby girl, arms held out wide in questioning. As always was the case with his little one, just when he thought his smile couldn’t get any bigger it grew as her shoulders raised to almost touch her ears as she shrugged dramatically, a triangle of toast in each hand. “You’re supposed to be my partner in crime!” He chuckled, shaking his head. “I know!” She giggled, legs swinging now as she got more excited, “but I thought Mummy was your partner in crime too.” She spoke, head tilting slightly as she tried to convey her earlier confusion. “That’s the plan, Angel.” He sighed, leaning forward to press a kiss to her forehead before reaching for his tie to do it up. “That’s the plan.”

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merry christmas eve to all who celebrate (and a very happy thursday to those who do not)! today i bring to you part seven of eight of the in your atmosphere holiday drabble series. part eight will be up sometime before the new year, but this is the last holiday related drabble for heva for 2015. i mean it when i say that you’re all the most fabulous humans out there. thank you, thank you, thank you. 

red tulle skirts - december 2024

“Niall, what are you doing to my daughter?” Eva asked, propping her hand on her hip as she watched Niall flip Madeleine, her giggles filling the room.

“I’m flipping her,” he replied, taking his attention away from the little girl for a few seconds too long. Madeleine whined, pinching her fingers in the air to try to get his attention once again. “She loves it. Right Maddie? Do you love when Uncle Niall flips you?”

She nodded feverishly, looking up at him with her big green eyes and a small pout. Eva sighed, leaning against the arm of the couch as Niall continued, Madeleine’s laughter returning to brighten up the room.

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