glittery bracelet

all that glitters

((hey hey everybody! what a surprise, im a weak fool, so here’s more reverse au nobody asked for,,, ♥ reverse au created by @narootos​​!!))

summary: Victor keeps looking at his coach’s lips. He puts a hand to his chest in utter frustration. Yuuri is just so, so unfairly handsome, and this fact is slowly killing him.

Yuuri turns to him, pushing up his glasses and quirking an eyebrow at his Russian student. “What’s wrong?”

I love you desperately, he thinks.

Aloud, Victor says, “Oh, nothing.”
word count: ~1.8k
rating: teen
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Because I have been meaning t sell this stuff for a while but I’m not 18 so paypal and stuff is annoying. I decided to be a kind person and give some away!

I’m giving away…

- The Mighty Boosh Future Sailors Tour 

- A Ramones Scarf 

- 3 Cluster spiked rings (these are so cool! Size small)

- 1 Black hand made rose ring by me (its adjustable :))

- 2 BIG gold/black bracelets

- 2 Black 100 denier tights (S/M)

- 1 colbalt blue 100 denier tights (S/M)

- A Barry M blue/purple colour changing varnish (changes colour with a clear coat on top)

- 5 glittery dinosaur rubber band bracelets :D


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I will end the competition on the 20th of April (I will do a draw out of a hat :D), I want my Boosh DVD to go to a loving home as I have 2 copies now :)

GOOD LUCK and depending on the success I may do another give away!