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Authors Note: Au where Harry is a Frat Boy. I don’t know where this is going. It was hard to write though.

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I was never the character to continuously go to parties, get drunk, or even go out every Friday night.

I regularly prefer to stay in on Friday nights, revising for the tests or doing the homework that I’m drowning in.

I perpetually overhear the stories that go around every Monday morning, after some sort of party that sparked everyone’s interests.

I continually hear the late night giggles and drunken stumbles in the hallways’ of my dorm. Every Saturday morning, around two, I hear the laughs of tipsy and intoxicated classmates’ that never seizes to disturbs me from my sleep or my studying.

I overhear the front door to the suit open, an indication one of my three suit mates are subsequently back from class, or shagging up with their boyfriends’ or their boyfriends’ friends.

To say the least, my suitemates are of some character, character that is different to my own. I always listen in on some of the scandalous stories that go on within the suit— they can be great friends’, but they don’t always make the best of decisions.

I narrow my eyes back to the book in my hand that is required to be read for English class, despite its terrible storyline and the fact it is borderline monotonous. For a moment, I am distracted when my suitemate enters the bedroom, a smile painted across her face. “What are you doing tonight?” She beams over to me, directing my attention away from the torturous book in my hand.

“I have a date with Bio, why?” I glance over at her, noticing how she is already rummaging through her clothes, perhaps trying to find something to wear for the evening.

“Come out with me, there is a party.”

“I need to do Bio, I’ll pass.” I shake my head, just as she flings a glittery black dress into my lap. I lift it off my lap and drop it to the bed.

“Bio will be there in the morning, get up. you need to have some fun.”

“I need good grades, actually.” I correct her, her posture straightening as she turns to glance at me.

“Get your ass up, put on a dress and heels, do something with your hair, and put the damn book down.” She narrows her eyes on the book still in my hand, “One night, that is it. I promise you won’t regret it.” She presses, determined to not allow me to pass on the opportunity to go out with her and probably get drunk and have guys hit on the two of us.

With a heavy sigh, I push myself off the bed, my fingers clasping the glittery dress, “Fine, but I want your psych notes, and I want those heels.” I gesture towards a pair of crimson red heels. She raises a brow, seeming surprised by my choice of colour.

“I said get dressed, not to look hot. I am surprised.” She gasps teasingly, my eyes rolling at her,

“I do know how to dress, surprisingly. Now, hand over the psych notes.” I smile, already beginning to undress and pull the dress over my body, adjusting it to fall perfectly.

“Damn, you brush up nicely without a book in your hand.” She chuckles, handing me her heels that I have requested for the night. I grin, giving her a shrug as I run my hands through my hair, debating whether I need to do anything to it.

I mutter under my breath my regret as I step into the rowdy house, parties are not really my thing—neither are Frat parties. I sigh, allowing my roommate to drag me into the house of swaying bodies and raucous noise, music echoing against the walls, laughter and chatter boisterously buzzing.

It takes me a while to settle into the atmosphere of overly enthusiastic and somewhat intoxicated figures, my hand already clasping a red solo cup with some sort of fruity drink poured into it. I hurried away from the vodka shots and settled on whatever it is that was poured into my cup. I assume it is a mix of fruits and vodka, but there is really no telling, the bartender seemed half intoxicated himself.

I glance over as a loud eruption of laughter takes my attention, a group of boys’ gathered around a pingpong table, shouting at each other, pushing and shoving as two of them go head to head in the battle of beer pong. I can’t help but chuckle at the pathetic attempt of the blonde in a pair of light dawn-tinted shorts and a white polo hung around his figure. There is no doubt in my mind that he is already at his limits end with alcohol, and his friends’ are just savouring his embarrassment with beer pong.

I wander closer to the table, considerately amused by the whole group; they appear to be having a lot more fun than the sweaty, dancing bodies in the other room, and they’re the only group of boys that aren’t trying to mount their dick onto anything that breathes and resembles the slightest bit of a female.

“Ah, we have a new spectator.” A guy gestures towards me, forcing all the attention to be focused on me, I shrug and take a sip of my beverage, “Guess you didn’t see the sign?” He comments,

“Which one?” I raise a brow, unsure of what he is referring to.

His mates grow quiet and his mouth begins to move, “This is not a game for chicks.” His sexist comment automatically causes me to roll my eyes.

Entitled, sexist fratboy— clearly a non-intelligent twat.

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Beautiful Distraction

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Chapter o2. Illusion 

It’s been five days since the last time you indulged in your alcoholic addiction.  With your back slouched against Tao’s chest, you flipped through a magazine about celebrity gossip and started swooning about this one sexy Kpop idol named Park Chanyeol.  Tao snarled.  You gave him a death glare and he rolled his eyes.

“He looks like a girl,” he commented.

“YOU look like a girl,” you retorted. 

He laughed and leaned in to kiss you on the top of your head.  With twinkling eyes, you looked up at him and he placed his tender lips onto yours.  The feeling was so breathtaking and real – it was everything you’d ever wanted…but you still felt the same sour feeling in the depths of your heart. 

At night, you’re panicking, biting your lips, clawing on raw metal, and pacing around like some psychopath serial killer.  Without a word, Tao slipped his arms around your neck from behind.  He held your chin and kissed you lovingly.  The sensation caused every tingling muscle within you to relax.  As you tugged him to the bed, you realized the gentleness of his movements as compared to the first few nights you two spent together.  He was slow and loving while you were fast and unforgiving, but midway you gave in…because you realized you finally got what you wanted – love not lust.  It felt so, so good and every inch of his body meshed against yours like some reunited puzzle pieces.  You fell asleep in his tight embrace, your breath even and your chest raised up and down ever so peacefully.  Tao gave you one last kiss goodnight before turning off the lamplights and cuddling back into the bed sheets with you.  When you woke up, he was still in bed with his arms over your shoulder.  Maybe…maybe we can be more than just each other’s distractions.  Scooting forward, you closed your eyes and softly placed your lips on his. 


“Do you want to go to this party with me?” Tao asked one day while poking at his phone as he sprawled out on the sofa.  His slender legs peeped out from the end of the furniture due to its long length. 

Smiling your puppy smile, you plopped down onto his chest.  Automatically, he threw his arm around your shoulder and planted a kiss on the side of your forehead.  You giggled. 

“Okay!” you agreed. 

Dressed in a little black glittery dress, you walked into the nightclub with the handsome suited up Tao holding onto your hand.  Neon lights waved and gathered at the center stage so you excitedly tugged Tao along.  He chuckled and followed you.  As you two danced to the beat of the music, a server walked pass with a tray of wine glasses and offered you one.  Tao froze in place, staring at you intently.  Swallowing back the lump of your throat, you reached over to take the drink but Tao waved the waiter away before you could take it. 

“Hey!  Wait!” you called after the man who held the remedy to your pain.

“No!  _______ah, look at me,” he cupped your cheeks and forced you to look into his flickering eyes, “You promised me, didn’t you”. 

“B..but…” you sighed then surrendered, “Fine, I won’t”. 

Tao rewarded you with a proud hug but instead of focusing on the ever softness of his embrace, you discovered your eyes trailing the glasses of wine that sat on the tray a few feet from you.  You had to think of a plan to distract Tao so you could take a sip – just one. 

“I’m going to go to the bathroom…” you said into his ear and he nodded, letting go of you. 

However, just as you took a step away, a handsome young man stood in front of Tao and you with smiling eyes, gesturing as if he knew your male companion. 

“HUANG ZITAO!” the tall male shouted.

Tao gasped, “Kris Ge!!  How have you been?!” 

They exchanged manly hugs and fist pumps.  Sensing the perfect addition to your escape plan, you mentally thanked the Heavens for their help and quietly slipped away.  But Tao pulled you by the arm, dragging you to stand right back beside him. 

“This is my girlfriend, _______,” Tao introduced to the other man.  You turned to him stunned.  Girlfriend…I thought we were just friends with benefits!  

Kris held his hand out but you continued to stare at Tao, confused and dazed at his introduction. 

“Babe…” he whispered, gesturing for you to shake Kris’s hand. 

Shaking your head, you knocked out of your trance and took his hand into yours.  For the rest of the night, your focus remained on Tao, trying with all your might to distinguish what he meant by his introduction.  Did he really see you as his girlfriend or was he saying it just because saying something like, “Oh hey, this is the girl I have sex with every night because we’re both so broken we need this to distract ourselves” would be ridiculous?  He turned to catch you gazing at him.  Flushing red, you immediately turned around to avoid his eye contact.  Sighing in contentment, the tall male grazed his finger along your chin.  You shivered.  Expertly, he lifted your chin and brought your lip to his. 

“Let’s start over,” he whispered, stroking your face. 

Tears clouded your large orbs as they stared into the mesmerizing almond ones of Huang Zitao.  With his index finger, he caught the tear that managed to drip down onto your cheek.  Do you really mean it?  Instead of words, you answered with closed eyes and puckered lips.  He gladly closed the distance. 

As you were falling asleep on the passenger seat of the car, you finally realized that you had completely forgotten your plan to nab a sip of the dazzling alcohol.  But it’s okay because I have Tao now.  With a goofy grin, you leaned your head against the attractive man’s shoulder as he drove you two back home.  For the first time, you two don’t make love or lust.  He simply curled his muscular arms securely around your small body and you fell back asleep snuggled up to his chest.  I love you. 

So Tao and you happily dated.  He surprised you with flowers and you rewarded him with kisses.  You covered his eyes with hard to find movie tickets, and he threw his arms around your waist.  He massaged your sore muscles and you melted into his welcoming arms.  You cooked him a full course meal and he gobbled it up before nibbling you playfully on the neck.  And it wasn’t like you two completely cut cold turkey on sex, but it just happened less and less.  When it did happen it appeared as a way to show your love toward each other. 

“Here,” he spoke, one night after you two finished the lovemaking. 

With a blanket over your bare chest, you gave your boyfriend a fishy look and took the small box out of his hands.  You opened it to reveal a golden key with a ribbon keychain attached to it. 

“What is this for?  Did you buy me a car?” you asked, giggling when Tao snuggled his face into the crook of your neck.

“No, silly.  It’s the key to my apartment,” he informed. 

“Why would I need it?” you questioned, though you were internally celebrating.  You lifted the key up to examine the small crystal studs that spelled out your initials. 

 “What do you think?” your lover asked.

“I don’t know,” you shrugged and pretended not to know.  I just really want you to say it. 

“So you can cook me dinner and wash my laundry,” he joked.  You pouted and hmphed.  Crossing your arms, you turned your bare back to him. 

Chuckling at your reaction, he kissed the small of your back.  You shuddered from the touch.  With his long fingers, he wrote words along your back.  Biting your lip, you tried your hardest to decipher what the words were but you only caught two of the three.  The first was a simple “I”.  The third was a “you”. 

When he sealed the message with a kiss, you turned around and asked, “What did you write?!!”

He laughed and simply closed his eyes.  A contented smile curled on his lips.  Frowning, you wrapped your hands around his arm and shook him awake. 

“You can’t sleep without telling me first!” you whined. 

With a smirk, he pulled you into his bare chest by the back of your neck and whispered into your ear, “Then want to go another round, Babe?” 

You giggled and squirmed but gladly kissed him back when he threw the covers over both of your heads. 



It was a Sunday afternoon when both of you became couch potatoes.  With you on his lap, Tao reached over and fed you a strawberry from the salad plate. 

“Zitao, what should we do today?” you asked before munching on the fruit. 

“I don’t know, Darling.  What do you want to do?” the big kid questioned, slouching back on the sofa. 

“I don’t know either.  But I don’t mind as long as I’m with you,” you sweetly said, offering your Vitasoy to Tao.  He sipped it.

“Babe, I’m going to go pee,” he said so you nodded and got off of him. 

As you held your juice box 90 degrees in the air to suck the last bit stuck in the corner of doom, Tao’s phone began to ring. 

“Zitao, your phone is ringing!” you shouted to Tao’s direction. 

“Just leave it!  I’ll call them back later!” he spoke so you put the phone back onto the coffee table. 

Soon after, the phone stopped ringing but a little flash of the screen made you do a double take.  With furrowed eyebrows, you picked up the device and though you didn’t know his password, it was enough for you to get another glimpse of the image the brought you onto your knees.  On his lock screen was a girl with a heart shaped face, large eyes, short wavy milktea brown hair, and a complexion that mimicked that of a porcelain doll.  Annie.  The phone slipped from your small hands back onto the coffee table with a “thud”.  You stared blankly to the living room floor.  When Tao came back, he immediately lifted you back into his lap and leaned in to kiss you on the cheek.  But you didn’t giggle or kiss him back like he expected you to. 



edit: Just to clear some confusion up!  The person calling at the end was not Annie (she’s dead, this is not a ghost story yet) xD!!!  The picture of Annie, the girl saw, was Tao’s lock screen background!!  At the end of the chapter, she realizes that despite Tao being with her, Tao is still not over Annie - that she is still not good enough to replace Annie in Tao’s heart.

Argh this story.  I don’t know how to feel anymore.  It just hurts everywhere when I reread it but for some reason I still keep rereading it.  Am I a sadist? ◕︵◕…omg. 

Something has to happen when everything is going so well – always.  

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Request: myself, because I’m a little drunk, and I’ve got an hour until me and my friend are going down town wuhu

So excuse me if there’s any grammar mistakes

Harry’s point of view

I think it’s because I met her in a bar, while we were both drunk, that it bothers me so much, when we’re out drinking, and I catch guys staring at her. I remember that she was dancing with her friends, seemingly just looking for a good time with the people she cared about the most. I was with Niall, and we were pretty hammered too. I didn’t notice her at first to be honest, Niall and I were going into the V.I.P lounge, and I looked out into the crowd, her friend Hannah was very dressed up, with crispy straight hair, heels, and a glittery black short dress. But then when I later went down to grab us a drink from the bar, and she ran up the bar a few moments after I went up there, and ordered a pint. She was drying off sweat on her forehead, and she wasn’t able to stand still in her drunken state. 

Then she looked over at me and frowned. A lot of people introduce themselves to me, but they were always very friendly when they did.

“You’re..” she swayed a bit, and grabbed the bar in front of her. “Harry..” she said and pointed with her pointy finger right in front of my face. “Styles!” 

I nodded and payed the bartender.

“You think you’re all that, just coming in here, going right to the V.I.P lounge,” her words were almost too slurry to understand. “like you’re owning the place! And you know what?” hiccup.

I turned my torso towards her, and took a sip of my beer. Right then hers arrived, and she took a big gulp.

“I don’t like that!” she said and got a little closer. I raised my eyebrows, and took a moment to really look at her. She wore a dark blue dress, equally as sparkly as her friend’s, but her hair was pulled up into a sweaty ponytail, and her eyeliner was a bit smudged. 

“And why is that?” I asked slightly amused.

“Because!” she said and raised her glass, as if she was holding a very important speech. “That’s just not very nice! You shouldn’t look down at people just because you’re famous!” 

I couldn’t help but smile: “I’m sorry I’m taller than you, but it’s not very funny to walk around with bend knees just to look people in the eyes. It’s not very comfortable you know,” 

“Oh please!” she yelled and took another gulp of her beer. “Don’t make up weird jokes, just because you can’t defend your behavi-habe-behavior!” 

“Well, I’m not looking down at anybody,” I just responded with a tight-lipped smile, and took a sip of my beer.

“What beer did you order?” she suddenly asked, and gulped down half of the beer she had left.

“Um,” I was kind of thrown off by the change of subject. I looked down at my beer, and then at the bartender - who was busy taking someone else’s order. “Harvey’s I think,” 

“Oh my gosh, no no no!” she said with big eyes, and drank from hers again. “Conquerer is the best! Always, always, always go for Conquerers!” 

“Here, have a taste!” she said and put her glass right in front of my face.

I raised my eyebrow, and looked at her to see if she was kidding, but when I saw her very serious facial expression I took her glass, and took a sip. “Mhmm,” I said frowning, it tasted weird. I remember tasting it when I had just started drinking, and it hadn’t grown on me since then.

“Mhmm, no thank you,” I mumbled and gave her the glass back. She looked at me sceptically.

“I’ll teach you to love it,” she said determined. 

“Oh really?” I asked a bit surprised she wanted anything to do with me after all she had said to me.

“Yes!” she smiled. It was the first time I had seen her smile, and even though it was a drunken smile, my heart clenched. Right then and there she had me, I could feel it deep in me. “No one I meet get’s to walk away without loving Conquerers beer!” 

And then she laughed. It was unattractive, and dorky, and clumsy, but so so very cute.

“Okay,” I responded with a smile I couldn’t keep off of my face.

“Great,” she responded, and drank the rest of her beer.

“So,” I said a bit hesitant. “When?”

“When what?” she said clueless.

“When are you going to teach me?” I said and smiled.

“Oh,” she said and raised an eye brow. “Well.. We can discuss that later,” wink.

“When?” I repeated my question. She sighed dramatically, but gave me a smile, before turning around, grabbing a napkin and a pen, wrote something down, and gave me the napkin.

“You decide,” she said, winked again, and left me alone at the bar.

When I looked down at the napkin, I couldn’t help but laugh. She had written her phone number down on it, original. 

I texted her the day after: “I didn’t catch your name last night, but how about that Conquerer?”

I’ll write another one, about the same thing, just from Y/N’s point of view.

A/N: I know absolutely nothing about English beers, I just Googled it, and those were two of the brands that came up. I personally enjoy Tuborg, which is a danish beer brand. Very light, very nice, I like it, yes, yes I do.