glitterpen1s replied to your post: I’m too short to ever mean anything to anybody.


We’ll never amount to anything.

They always say, “You can do anything you set your mind to!”

Not if you’re 5'1", you fuckers.

I still have to stand on a chair to reach half the things in my house.

I have so much angst about being short it’s crazy.

It’s the worst thing that can happen to you in a first-world country.

I’ll never date a rock star…

glitterpen1s replied to your post:mi going to cry i  think i just realized a really…

What please tell me I want to discuss

also 80sandrewmccarthy okay i dont really think this is what justin intended because he’s said before that it’s about jealousy and victimizing yourself but “i will one day shine with you, i’ll shine on a faithful few” and “friend or foe? i don’t know now you’re up in the stars” SOUNDS LIKE AN ALLUSION TO OSMEONE DYING LMAO JUST SAYING… LIKE THEY’RE IN THE STARS AND ONE DAY HE’LL BE THERE TOO LMOOOOOOAOAOO…