glittering pinkie pie


7/30/2016- Pony acquisition post #347: G4 Sticker Book- now with Baby Flurry Heart!

Year released: 2016

A new sticker book has been spotted at Costco- with some much needed updates! Costco has held a very similar sticker book for a few years now (I have the older version), but it seems like they updated it!! Now this sticker book includes holofoil stickers with many more new and different vectors- such as rarer vectors of the mane 6 and the Princesses, and now including Baby Flurry Heart sticker vectors! How super cute! The first few pages of this sticker book are totally new and include some adorable stickers- and I’ve always been a huge fan of stickers- especially ones with new vectors! Also, there are three posters on the back, one of which does feature Baby Flurry Heart! I guess even the licensed media is jumping on the train of promoting the new little princess!

I stuck some of these new stickers in my sticker book of course, and I think they are all super cute!

Original Condition: Mint!

Flaws: none

Restoration materials:  none

Current condition: Some stickers removed!


I didn’t get the chance to post my full collection before, but now that I was able to find a small cabinet I can!

(this excludes G1 Beach Ball Pina Colada, all my childhood G3s plus Blossomforth, Glitter Glide, styling Pinkie Pie, and Valentine’s Sweetie Bell, and G4 talking Princess Twilight Sparkle. All of them are being restored/touched up. I also have a small case of blind bag ponies and some Darling Dinos on top of the cabinet, but the light isn’t very good in my room at night, so I wasn’t able to get a good picture)