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Could you please write anything surrounding Claire attempting to hide her attraction towards Owen (bonus if she cracks and just kisses him 💗) pretty pleaseeee 💕

Nicky - I know this is old, but you are the best and deserve just the same. I hope you like this.

Claire Dearing lived her life with no regrets. She took calculated chances; she gambled cleverly, and she nearly always won. She was rarely in the business of second guessing or doubting herself - except for maybe right now, Claire mused nervously as she watched Owen Grady make his way across the ballroom toward her; two champagne flutes in hand and a devilish smirk on his face. Asking him to accompany her to Jurassic World’s glittering annual charity gala seemed to be a good idea at the time - albeit their shared history consisting of a singular disastrous date - but Claire was wondering what she’d let herself in for when Owen reached her, handing her a glass and tipping back his own, arm sliding round her waist.

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reblog this with random facts about your ocs. im just making this post so i have an excuse to say that gala puts glitter in her hair to make it resemble a galaxy and she kept clogging her goddamn shower drain with the stuff until she discovered biodegradable glitter


India & Bhutan Royal Tour - Day One

April 10, 2016: The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge touched down in Mumbai to begin their seven day royal tour earlier this morning. They arrived at the Taj Mahal Palace, where they will be staying, to a warm welcome. They later paid tribute to the Mumbai palace attacks of 2008, laying flowers and a letter to honor those fallen, at the same location. Following a somer setting, they went on to play cricket and visit children and families at the Banganga Water Tank in their first official outing of the tour. And for the topping on a wonderful day of laughs, fun, and charity gatherings, they were guests of honor at a glittering Bollywood styled charity gala for the film and creative industries hosted back at the beginning of their day - the Taj Mahal Palace.