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Can you do a Harry blub... First night we spend together in bed. (Sexually) ;) Thanks love!

He’s shaking. Why is he shaking? It wasn’t his first time, it was yours, so why was he trembling so bad? You seemed so calm, so sure of all this as you looked at him. But as he raised his hand to your face, Harry had to admit he was so nervous because you would remember this for the rest of your life. You would always remember the boy you lost your virginity too and Harry had no idea how he was so lucky. He wanted it to be perfect, special and all that you ever dreamed of. Your hands were steady as you touched him carefully moving down his shirt. “You scared?” He asked, even his voice shook. You moved him so deeply, touched him and he felt it to his core. “No, are you?” If you didn’t look so innocent, he could have laughed. He was more nervous for this than he was for his own first time. “No, baby, I just want this to be special for you.” You smiled, your fingers moving the hair off his face. “It will be. It’s with you.” He was patient, his fingers gliding over your skin. He whispered soft, honeyed words to you when he finally undressed you and you crossed your arms over your stomach. “You are,” he said hotly, tilting your chin up, “the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Please, don’t hide yourself from me.” With new confidence, you bared yourself to Harry and with his words and with his hands, he showed you just how truly loved you were. He showed you in his soft, open kisses on your neck and the way he’d rasp your name as you moved beneath him. And he cradled you to his chest when he made you come undone, your body trembling. He showed you, how special you were as he worshiped every curve of your skin, every dimple and every mark. He adored you, and you’d never felt more cherished. And after, when he pressed you to his chest, he told you all the things he’d been wanting to say. You may have given him your virginity, but Harry had given you his heart and it would be yours until the day he died. 

This is a sign


So I have had 2 consecutive dreams with glitterguru and classyansassy.

In the first one, you guys said you were coming down to visit me via FaceTime video and we started freaking out and shit. Then the majority of the dream was spent trying to find each other because we all kept getting lost. But then we finally found each other and we had the bestest time ever.

In the second one, the one I just woke up from, we were neighbors (?) and I went upstairs to visit you guys and we had pizza and Bryn and I talked about Niall. Haley left us partway through to ‘hang out’ with her boyfriend in another room (you go Hales 😉) and Bryn and I were making obnoxious sounds to make Haley uncomfortable (wtf dream Jary). Bryn and I continued talking and eating for a bit, but then Haley FaceTimed us after her little fun time (you were clothed Haley) and was bragging about it to us! (I am dying as I am writing this btw) then we all got back together and continues our little get together. Then I woke up.

I then realized that all that had happened was, in fact, not real life and I was really disappointed. So I think this dream is a sign that we should all hang out in the near future and get some Dominos and meet up at my place.

Hahahahaha good morning world!

Pictures, empty champagne bottles, and articles of clothing were scattered all over the room, while the 2 bodies that occupied the bed were wrapped up in the blankets as well as each other. Louis Tomlinson and his longtime girlfriend Haley, laid upon the bed, with Haley’s head resting on Louis’ bare chest, with Louis’ arms wrapped around his waist. Haley looked up at Louis with a small pout. “Do you have to leave tomorrow?” She whined.

Louis chuckled. “Yes, I have to leave tomorrow. We have rehearsals, and everything for the upcoming tour”

“But, I don’t want you to go” Haley hid her face in Louis’ chest.

Louis reached down, and pulled her chin up. “Hey, it won’t be that long”

“Long enough” Haley muttered.

“Hey none of that. We still have a whole day, to do whatever you want” Louis added in.

Haley lifted her head up. “Let’s just lay here, and do nothing. I want to stay in your arms as long as possible”

“Ok babe, whatever you want” Louis replied.

Haley snuggled into his chest, pulling her body closer to his, as Louis rested his head on top of her head. The couple just laid there, enjoying the silence. They both knew times like this didn’t come around too often, so they enjoyed every minute of it. Haley groaned again, because she was thinking of going through the leaving process with Louis. He would pack, for the long trip, then spend his last few moments holding on to Haley, while she cried into his chest, their kisses and hugs lingering shorter than they both wanted to. Then Haley would have to let him go, and watch him board the plane for the 100th time. Every time got harder and harder to let him go.

“Why are you groaning?” Louis asked, as Haley’s head popped up again.

“It’s nothing” Haley replied, looking at him in the eyes.

“It’s something. You only groan, when you’re thinking about something” Louis told her.

“I don’t want you to leave tomorrow” Haley flat out told him.

“We’ll see each other, in a couple weeks” Louis replied.

“I know, but I don’t want to be apart from you Lou”

“Hey look at me. Wherever I am, you will always be on my mind” Louis told her, kissing her lips softly.

Haley smiled, and laid her head on his chest again, while she shut her eyes. She loved these little moments between her and Louis, and she wouldn’t change anything about that very moment.


You deserve a prince. Someone who will show you constant love and appreciation. Someone to present you with daily affirmations of how beautiful you are. Someone who believes the moon comes out every evening, just to shine down upon your face,” he hummed, as if he were reciting a poem he’d written a million times over in his head. You couldn’t help the swell of your heart, his words inflating a balloon inside of your chest. “Then show me,” you whispered on a quiet breath, “show me what love is.
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write (GlitterGuru)

Tonight I am feeling so blessed by the friendship of glitterguru. She has been such an encouragement to me this Summer.

Haley, thank you for loving me despite all of my flaws and problems. Thank you for letting me vent to you. Thank you for not judging me (and my sometimes foul mouth). Thank you for the kind words you speak to me. You mean so much to me, and I can’t imagine my life without you.
I love you, my beautiful best friend. Thank you for always being there for me! <3 <3 <3

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Hey love, this is for the question-for-a-blurb thingy I saw you were doing. My question is: What is your favorite season & why?! :) x

My favorite season is fall because it’s perfect boot, scarf, and sweater weather. And the leaves changing colors is absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. I love taking walks through the woods and whatnot and just look at everything. ~Jill


“What do you wanna do?” Ashton asked turning on his side to look at you through the dimply lit hotel room. 

“I dunno…” You groaned burying your face in the pillow. You exhaled and looked back up to Ashton who had a grin a mile wide. He scooted his body closer to yours and planted a kiss on your shoulder. He glanced up to you, a glint in his eye. A rosy glow slowly took over your cheeks and you smiled. 

‘The boys are gone…won’t be back for a bit.” He said slowly between kisses on your skin. 

“Then I guess we can take our time.” You continued as Ashton slid your top off.