glitterf4ngz said: Were girls really crying?

A few girls left the gym crying due to being uncomfortable and completely insulted. Stenzel shamed every girl who was sexually active at a young age and made a few feel bad about it. She said a lot more worse things than “If you take birth control then your mother probably hates you” or “don’t get pregnant at a young age or you’ll end up having an abortion and Jesus will never forgive you, an a bunch of other stupid shit. I’ve been ranting on about this all week.

glitterf4ngz-deactivated2014022 asked:

Hey! I've been trying to work at Chipotle for a while now but they keep turning me down:( Do you have a lot of prior work experience? I just want to know if that may have something to do with me getting turned down. Congrats though!

I actually have no prior work experience at all haha. One thing I know for sure about Chipotle is they’re looking for super super outgoing and cheerful people so if you’re shy or seem morose, that could be why. Maybe you could always just ask them why they keep turning you down! That’s what I’d do, definitely. The managers there might be a little more uptight than they should be too. For the application, make sure you put “fast paced” for everything lol.

Basically you want to convince them that you’re a cheery, confident, outgoing, hardworking person. Just keep in mind that even if you are all those things, it’s still not a guarantee. That’s part of the problem with people doing the hiring, they may not always be neutral you know? They could be in a mood or something or make a wrong decision. Also try to determine if the company would be good for you as well. If you’re getting turned down by the same company a lot, there truly might be something better out there that would fit you perfectly!