glittered chip dispenser


Happy Birthday Dadddddddd (Yesterday~!) lol xD It was my dad’s b-day and I asked him what he would like for his birthday, like two weeks before his birthday, and what does he say? He says he doesn’t know. Doesn’t really care just to get him anything. lol So I diddd. I made him a lovely bejeweled/glittered/painted homemade chip dispenser~~~ <3 lol xD He loves eating chips and I had the random thought of what if someone got him a bejeweled chip dispenser. I think it was a fabulous idea, don’t you think so? I think it is very lovely lol. He thought so too. He opened the gift and I thought he would go “What the hell” but he was like “…that is alot of jewels…” then pulled it out and just started to laugh. It made me really happy. lol I am glad I made him laugh like that. 

So after I made the Chip dispenser and wrapped it up all nice I made some cake balls too. Those are harder than they look ok…OTL I had such a hard time trying to get those stupid things to stick together, I had to look up ways to on the internet pfft. I am horrible with cooking OTL. I tried…so the top picture is my failed cake ball “Golf balls” Which, they actually taste really good they just look aweful. lol Then the next two are just pics I took while making the lid. Came up with a design I wanted then glued all those jewels down and then the bottom pic is my finished product~~~~ (BTW if you ever want to glitter something make sure to find a way to clean it up easy…lol I was vacuuming forever man…).