Hoo boy…here’s something I didn’t quite expect….

Just doing a warm up doodle and it turned into…this…because of reasons….

But Kerith is my favorite and he’s just so damn fabulous. I know the Glitterati are just a pair of mischievous jerks but I feel Kerith would actually get along with Oblio because they’re both just…weird unconventional.

And anyway, he says it so FIERCELY

For Glittercrow ✧・゚:*✧・゚*・゚✧*

A long, long time ago, the lovely Glittercrow sent me a medical kink prompt. She wanted to see Will getting rabies shots the old-fashioned style, that is, given in his belly (and navel). Several months later, and after two half-written and failed fics, much anger and a lot of frustration, I managed to finish a ficlet with that idea ;))

It turned out pretty angsty and nightmarish, but I still hope you like it ♥

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To my lovelies

trr_rr, luvkurai and glittercrow, who feed my medical kink with wonderful ideas ^^


You know how I always like to try new things, right? And write out of my comfort zone? And push my limits? *ahem* The medical kink fic (currrently at +3k) I’m writing has taken an interesting turn. Dr. Lecter has decided Will has to *cough* expel the enema in front of him. Nothing overly explicit, of course, but there it is. I just wanted you to know, and sorry if it’s too squicky. I’m still working on the fic, I’ll see if I can finish it this weekend. As always, any and all suggestions are welcome ^=^