beneficial (m)

word count: 13780 (my longest fic as of 160720!!!)

a/n: this literally took weeks to write and plan, and i’m so happy with the way it came out :)

|| You’ve been friends for as long as you can remember. So you guess it has its perks.

> Friends with Benefits! Jungkook


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New environments were never a comforting thought for a young child. Y/FN Y/LN was no exception. Having moved into a new suburban home close to her kindergarten, Y/N didn’t have many friends to begin – if any at all. The world seemed too big for her tiny mind. Five years of living and Y/N was still as shy as they come.

The first day of kindergarten arrived, and Y/N wanted to show off her new glitter shoes – the ones that glow and sparkle in the sunlight when she’d walk. Of course, she was way too shy to ever ask her classmates what they thought, and to her, it was almost as if they never cared. Swinging her feet as she sat in her chair, listening to the teacher introduce herself, Y/N bowed her head, shamefully staring at the shoes she thought would bring her friends.

A tiny, chubby cheeked boy with straight black hair turned his attention towards Leg-Swinger, her pretty hair put up in pigtails as her shiny shoes rocked back and forth. His straight and stern face was tough for a fellow five-year-old, his eyes staring at the little girl across the room intently. Diverting his attention back to the teacher, the little dark-haired boy began to swing his feet.

Mrs. Park had finally released the tiny children, sending them off to the playground. The sun beamed down as Y/N sat on the edge of the sand box, her tiny legs burying her shoes and hiding the glitter. It was embarrassing – all the other little girls had regular pink Barbie shoes and the boys had their trucks and racecars. Y/N had glitter.

“I like your shoes, lady.” A tiny, squeaky voice piped up from behind Y/N, making her tiny body shake and whirl around. Her eyes landed on a timid boy, his hands wringing the hem of his shirt as his hard gaze met her surprised face.

“Y-you do?” Y/N questioned, pink rushing to her cheeks. A reassuring and forceful hum rumbled his throat as he nodded vigorously. His black hair bounced as he nodded.

“I’m Jungkookie,” the little boy nervously pointed, “Who are you, lady?”

Y/N’s nose crinkled as she crossed her arms over her chest, “I’m not lady, Jungkookie.”

“Then who are you?”


“Y/N,” Jungkook swallowed, “You’re pretty.” He blurted out before running away, the dirt flying from his shoes as he ran.

“Wait!” Y/N called out, watching him disappear into the playground slides. Turning back to face the shoes buried in sand, Y/N’s legs slowly pulled out, letting the sand fall off from the glitter.

Someone actually likes her shoes.

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'How To' Glitter Shoe!

All that glitters is, well, glitter.

Why not try your hand at one of the seasons hottest trends, DIY style!

You will need…

  • A pair of heels
  • Car Lacquer (easy to use and fast drying)
  • Some all-purpose glue
  • A paintbrush
  • Heaps of glitter
  • Masking Tape

Step 1,

Start by applying the all-purpose glue with a paintbrush onto the shoe. Work quickly and apply in small areas.

Step 2,

Sprinkle, sprinkle, sprinkle! Tap off any excess glitter.

Step 3,

Repeat step one until the shoe is completely covered in glitter. Don’t panic if you’ve missed any, this can be rectified later. Your shoes should now look like this…

Step 4,

Now you will need the car lacquer. Spray onto any spaces you have missed and sprinkle  glitter. Be patient and make sure you cover the whole shoe.

Step 5,

Spray copious amounts of car lacquer all over the shoes, this will set the glitter and prevent it from flaking.

Ta-da! All finished, just remove the masking tape and shine on!

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