The Kiss Lip Scrub Review
This product runs for $9.95 and contains .80 oz of product. This scrub is a part of Lush’s Limited Edition Valentine’s Day 2016 Collection. It contains fine sea salt, safflower oil, organic cocoa butter, mandarian oil, and of course, caster sugar. The product also has glitter and heart shaped sprinkles, which I think is adorable. It taste sweet and salty almost like chocolate covered pretzels or cupcakes baked with sea salt. It’s great at removing dead skin on the lips and leaving the lips soft. The scrub also leaves the glitter on your lips so be wary if you’re going to wear a matte lipstick. 

Overall I really enjoy this and if you’re curious than I recommend trying it out. 

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She immediately wanted to laugh, but she could read the apprehensions in his words, and she figured it wouldn’t help her case very much. She couldn’t help the smile, though, and it curled her lips despite her grapple with self-control. 

Yes, you,” she answered, waving the little glitter-encrusted, heart-shaped card beneath his nose, implying that he should take it. Her grin became more than a little bashful when she realized that he really was convinced that she was joking, and giggles bubbled past her lips despite herself. Could she not be serious for even a moment? It appeared not.

Oh, you wound me,” she lamented, reaching to take his wrist and lifting the arm so that she could flip his hand palm-up to press the card into it. “I’m not trying to be funny, really! I suppose it might have been more convincing if I’d brought chocolates or something, but A: it isn’t really the day for that yet; and B: I didn’t know if you might be allergic, so I figured we could cross that bridge when we got there–”

She paused, tilting her head, “–Unless that was a definite ‘no,’ by any chance?”

The Nail Art Look You’ll Want To Wear This Valentine’s Day
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A classic red manicure is perfect for any day of the year, but on February 14, why not make your fingertips extra festive? We’re talking heart shapes, glitter, the whole shebang. Here, see the nail art look we’ll be wearing to all our Valentine’s Day festivities—and learn a few tricks for nailing the perfect mani every time, so your nails can look on point no matter what month it is.

My nails lately. I’ve been loving this new polish by @julepmaven called Aquarius. It’s a beautiful color shifting polish that flawlessly shifts between aquamarine and amethyst. Which I love since I’m an Aquarius born in February! Today I added some holographic star, moon, and diamond shaped glitter to two of my nails.

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*a bucket of star-shaped glitter pours over Miz's head as he leaves his hotel room*

“Stardust, I know this was you!” Mike shouts, his voice echoing through the hall.

//If this was for the liking my blog meme, thank you so much!

💕❤️ G L O S S Y ❤️💕

I think February is the best month 💘❤️💝, so I wanted to create this Valentine’s Day inspired lip art 💋💕. For this lip art I used my @evepearl ultimate lip palette ❤️💕, clear lip gloss, and Martha Stewart heart shaped craft glitter (sugar cube & cotton candy). Septum clip from @lotusandco ❤️💍 Use code EMILEE for 20% off 💍❤️ #EvePearl

❣ ST O P ❣

Stop everything you’re doing on this windy morning…. Stop to check out these absolute beauties…. Stop to appreciate the layers…. Stop to fall in love with the glitter.

What a beautiful choice in colours; mint, blush, grey & champagne glitter. They work together so well. This bundle includes the main invitation, a rsvp, an information card and a little gift poem. The glitter band, finished with shaped initial cut out is the perfect, and most twinkley way of keeping the pack together.


#WeddingInvitation #Bellyband #Blush #Mint #Champagne #Glitter #Grey #Ivory #WeddingDay #YoureInvited (at Devlin Designs)

Finally, we have Pink Me, a dense glitter topper filled with rosey pink goodness, plus pink mini hearts! Love this one so much!! #Repost @honeybee_nails
Last up from @phillyloveslacquer Valentine’s Day trio is Pink Me. My swatch shows one coat over black plus topcoat. A super cute glitter topper with little heart shaped glitters in the mix ❤️😍 The Valentine’s Day trio will be available February 1st in the @phillyloveslacquer shop! $25 for the full size set or $12.50 for mini (special pricing for tomorrow only!) #phillyloveslacquer #phllswatchbrigade #phllcollective #presssample #indielove #indiepolish #indieswatch #indienailpolish #alltheindies #valentinesday #nailedit #nailsdid #nailswag #nailpolish #perfect_polishes #polishnsuch #polishaddict #polishlicious #hpbloggers #ignails #instanails #instanailstyle #nailstagram #swatch #thelacqueredlife