I have had this intense struggle with glitter since I was a small child. When I was 8 I covered the entire bathroom in glitter and my parents threw all the glitter in the entire house away in a fit of rage.

Our house was kept glitter free for many years until I very recently bought two huge canisters of glitter and now everything they love is covered in purple glitter. It’s the herpes of craft supplies. You’re stuck with it forever. My body is 77% glitter. It’s taking over the entire continent of North America.

A love letter to Wolf 359

I’m used to watching shows and turning off bits of myself. Don’t be too feminist when you watch this, or you won’t enjoy it. Women exist as prizes for heroic men to win, and that’s just how it is. Don’t even think about representation for people of colour.  It’s okay, you don’t need characters with depth of personality. We used up all the personality on the straight white man who has a troubled relationship with his father and a reckless attitude towards driving.

My sister cirruss got me into Wolf 359 and I fell in love. I can barely think of a problematic thing to say about Wolf 359. Some groups aren’t represented, but with a cast of 4ish, they cover a lot of ground in terms of representation. And that’s the most problematic thing I can say about them. That never happens when I watch a show.

And the characters aren’t just representation, they’re people. All of them. They have contradictory wants and needs and they squabble and they hug it out and they have lines they’ll never cross and lines they thought they’d never have to cross but do, anyway, because sometimes life is more than you can handle or expect. They fight just as hard over a tube of toothpaste as over top secret military codes. They’re real, and I could be friends with them all. I want to be friends with them all. (Except Lovelace, she’s a meanie. :-P )

Character sexuality isn’t really addressed, but it’s not because everyone is assumed straight. It’s because the show is centered around friendship (you know, that thing that women and men aren’t supposed to be able to have without instantly falling into bed together?). And that’s miraculous to me. It’s why Parks and Recreation is my second favourite TV show. Friendship is important. So much fiction seems chooses the easy characterization of sex and romantic love over the slow build of platonic love. This show gets it. We have a character with a romantic relationship (Minkowski), and I suspect that we might get more over the coming seasons, but friendship will always be the core of this show.

Finally, this show can get dark. It deals with questions of death and identity and loss. But it doesn’t fall victim to the DC Universe theory of “dark = grimdark”. It’s still be lighthearted, jovial even, as it tackles deeper questions. Because that’s how humans cope with the big stuff. We deal with our worldview falling apart by attempting to harpoon a Plant Monster. We use the last of our oxygen to tell a joke. Every episode of this show makes me happy, no matter how serious or dark it gets.

That said, wolf359radio, if you hurt Hera again I will find your studio and COVER it in glitter. Don’t test me.