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You’re A Bad-Hearted (Girl) Trap, Babydoll.
by: indiaalphawhiskey

Rating: Explicit
Fandom: One Direction (Band)
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Girl Direction, Catholic School, First Time, Porn Without Plot, High School
Chapters: 1/1
Word Count: 2,282

“L-Louis,” she stammered back, trying to fight the way her neck was burning. “Um, h-hi?”

It wasn’t meant to be a question, but it was a fitting summary of all the thoughts going through Harry’s head. Hi? Why are you talking to me? How do you know who I am? Do you know how pretty you are?

“You didn’t come to the party on Saturday.” Louis said.

Her tone was nonchalant as she picked at her chipped blue glitter nail varnish and Harry wondered idly how she always seemed to get away with breaking the rules. Nail varnish on a school day. Edgy pixie cut, carefully highlighted. A helix piercing. Lace-trimmed knee socks.

Don’t think about the socks. Don’t think about the socks.

A ficlet inspired by the prompt Never have I ever written Girl Direction.

For Girl Direction Anon, @dimpled-halo, and @haloeverlasting.

🌻 feelgood spell jar 🌼

aaah i made a lil feelgood spell jar for my best friend for her birthday but i forgot to take a pic TwT anyways here’s the list of ingredients lol (things in brackets are additional ingredient-specific correspondences)

💛 self love ; cinnamon + chips of pink himalayan salt

💛 happiness ; orange peels (emotional peace) + oregano (tranquility) + rosemary (rejuvenation)

💛 protection ; bay leaves (strength) + sage (cleansing)

💛 strength & courage ; thyme

💛 some dried yellow flowers to brighten it up a bit !! i used creeping oxeye

sealed with light pink wax and i painted some glitter varnish on top >W<

Day 24

Firework Nails!

Yay it’s bonfire night here in the UK! Bonfire night was always one of my favourite nights as a child, I would spend hours writing my name in sparklers and watching the fireworks going off across the village from the attic window. Since getting a dog I haven’t been able to let off my own fireworks but the whole evening still gives me a warm cosy feeling.

Products Used-

Black- Sinful Colors in Voodoo

Silver- Models Own Nail Art Pen in Silver

Gold- Models Own in Gold Rush

Pink- Barry M in Shocking Pink

Topcoat- Rimmel in Disco Ball

genderqueer-olaf  asked:

What is up buddy I'm making valentines for my friends in advance so I don't forget like the day before and I'm putting a lot of this thing called glitter varnish on them and it smells terrible and I think I might pass out from the fumes but at least it's iridescent and pink. And the paper I'm using for the cards has a doily pattern border and it's so pretty.

That’s so nice omg!!! Please don’t pass out that won’t be good. I haven’t made valentines in so long :,(

Article from The West Australian, 24 December 1929


The  secret of preparing a successful holiday wardrobe is to buy discriminately, and not to let clothes run away with one. Generally, one’s clothes depend on the line of one’s activities; the sports girl will look out for appropriate sports kit, while the ardent bather will concentrate on beach clothes. So long as  one looks suitably garbed, quantities of clothes are by no means essential.Too many are as often as not an  encumbrance rather  than an advantage. A good selection of what a year or so ago were called ‘tub’ frocks is ideal. For inexpensiveness, nothing can beat little cotton  voile  dresses They pack well, and the most fastidious soul could not demand  anything fresher or more suitable in appearance. Linen is mother useful  holiday material, since silks,  other than the artificial and cotton mixed variety, in plain colours and discreetly striped at that, look too 'towny’ for the seaside  Besides crepe de chines, chiffons and satin are bad style. Shantung, a fabric with  delightful laundering qualities, is in excellent material for the fashioning of a long, unlined overcoat, which supplies just that required amount of extra warmth to have arms when the sun goes down. Bathing suits, quite reasonable in price are obtainable in all colours in a specially woven wool stockinette which neither stretches nor sags after immersion in the  water. A cretonne, linen or Turkish  towelling coat or wrap, the latter most brilliantly patterned, is the correct  finish. Those who intend spending their holiday on the beach can provide themselves with a dazzling quantity of changes at small cost, and alluring accessories to match are by no means exorbitantly priced. The manufacturers have catered very comprehensively for the girl with small means. The enormous beach hats that were worn originally at Deauville are becoming quite popular at Cottesloe this season, and are very sensible’ and attractive. 

Seaside  Evening  Dress. 

One always looks forward to a few dances during the holidays. Seaside evening dress is nothing like so formal as that worn in town, and the girl who economises on her day frocks to achieve an elaborate evening toilette is making a great mistake. An evening frock should be worn, by all means, but nothing extreme. Coarse lace, simply made, and patterned chiffon, are excellent materials for holiday dance frocks. Careful packing is essential, even in the excellently designed modern suitcases. Few materials, even  those that are guaranteed uncrushable, shake out without a fold, unless one is extremely generous with layers of tissue paper for each garment. This is a real preventive, and the only sure one as far as I have discovered, against bedraggled luggage. 

Race  Frocks. 

Those who are not going away for their Christmas holidays are thinking of race frocks, particularly for the Perth Cup. Printed chiffon and lace ensembles are to be the smartest thing, and they will  be  accompanied  by wide and drooping hats and sunshades, which are extravagant trifles as alluring as a fan is with an evening  gown. Large posies are ubiquitous, and are an extremely becoming finish to the fashionable collarless neck line. A well-known young society girl has chosen  delicately patterned white and rose chiffon.The frock is made with a semi fitting bodice and  a full circular skirt set into a tight  hip yoke which fastens in front with a floppy bow. The unlined three-quarter coat is bordered with light  fox as are the sleeves, and the neck  line is finished with a scarf collar which  encircles the throat and ties in a bow behind, to match the one on the frock.This ensemble also has its  matching parasol, beautifully shirred, and the crinoline straw hat to be worn with it is trimmed with pink grosgrain ribbons, finishing in bows under the brim. A young  matron  has chosen a delightful cerise and black patterned chiffon, fashioned with an amusing flared cape, set in from the deep yoke.This will be cleverly manipulated by its wearer  and  dispenses with the necessity for a coat. 

Frock  and  Accessories

Another suitable rare toilette comprises a bottle-green and white printed crepe de chine frock, made with a bunch of flat pleats on one side, and a straight bottle green coat, fashioned with a short cape and lined with printed crepe to match.This ensemble was worn with court shoes of bottle green, kid and suede and a matching handbag. Distinguishing accessories of this description are the proper finish to these plainer outfits. Another exquisite ensemble was seen of rose and beige patterned georgette, and plain beige satin georgette.The frock was simply made with three rows of  frills on the bodice and six half-way down the skirt, and was worn beneath a coat of satin georgette  made collarless and with semi-fitting sleeves, but was allowed a touch of frivolity in the quaint bow which was inlet into the yoke at the back. Two loose ends fell from this to the hem. With this toilette, was worn a small beige hat, encircled round the  crown with varnished quills. 

Glittering  Hair

'A Russian Princess in Paris, forced by the war to turn mannequin, does her work extremely well and thoroughly, writes the French correspondent of a London paper. 'The other evening, when she was dressed in all nastintuim shades with jewellery to tone, she carried out the colour scheme so completely that she had her hair coated with glittering  gold dust. She wore one of the new slinky evening gowns  which mould the figure almost to the knee line and there break out into a fussy hem.The material of the dress  was printed georgette, which showed blur red brown, red brown and orange design on a deep cream ground. Drawn lightly over this gown was a short evening coat in red brown panne, which had a shaped hem and wide cuffs of red fox but not a touch of fur on the collar- The sleeves were tight to just below the elbow, but from that down they assumed a leg-o-mutton outline. She wore an exquisite neck lace of gold filigree encrusted with topaz stones, matt white face Powder, carnation  lipstick, and the gilded hair already mentioned!' 

A  group of race frocks are sketched above. The  girl in the left-hand corner is wearing a frock of ecru lace; finished with a cape-like bertha collar of ninon. Her hat is of black silk straw edged with tulle. Printed chiffon in tones of lemon, orange and green is worn by the figure with the sun shade. Banana, a new shade of beige, lace inlet with georgette is used for the gown on the other centre figure. Georgette in tones of mauve and pink makes the pleated figure’s dress, while her hat is of fine black straw with an eye-veil of flesh tulle. Some hats this summer compromise between caps and crinolines by having close-fitting crowns and transparent brims.The hat worn by the girl in printed satin on the extreme right of the sketch is of black felt and black crinoline. It has two camellias, one of rose kid and the other of black felt placed over and under the brim. 

Little Dove

A random, fluffy Stiles one-shot that wouldn’t leave my mind after painting my nails. Also, I love Sheriff Stilinksi. FAVE.

Warnings; hideous pet names used ironically

“Okay,” Stiles said, dropping down beside you on his bed. “I don’t get it.”

You gasped in shock, your hand flying sidewards and colliding with his forearm. “Dude, can you not?” you growled, dipping a Q-Tip in nail polish remover to erase the big blob of paint that covered the tip of your pointer finger.

“Sorry, jeez. I just don’t understand why that finger is a different colour to the rest.”

You sighed, rolling your eyes in fake annoyance. Stiles had invited you over to ‘study’, which really meant play video games and make-out, but you had other plans, such as painting your nails. You had decided to go with black on all but two of ten, using a baby blue on both pointer fingers. Once you’d done that, you’d gone over the regular varnish with glitter to give the effect of stars on a blank black sky.

“And I don’t understand what you don’t understand. It’s simple, it looks pretty.” You blew gently on one hand, raising the other to flick the end of your boyfriend’s nose. Taking on a teasing tone, you added, “Almost as pretty as you, little dove.”

Stiles groaned, flopping back onto his bed while rubbing the tip of his nose. “When are you going to stop calling me that?”

You laughed, falling down beside him, laying your head on his chest. “When I get over that book. Maybe.” You paused as if to consider. “Yeah, probably never, actually. I grew fond.”

He rolled his beautiful brown eyes at you and you grinned wider than before. “You,” he said, “are a dork.”

Snorting unceremoniously, you pushed yourself up on your elbows to press a quick kiss to his lips. Your face hovered above his, a smile twitching your lips as you realised yet again that this amazing guy loved you.“And this is coming from the guy who has forced me to watch Star Wars twenty times this year?”

“That’s not so bad.”

“It’s January 10th, Stiles. I think you have a problem.”

The dork in question shook his head, waving a dismissive hand while the other one trailed a finger up and down your spine. “I do not have a problem.”

“Scott thinks you do.”

“Well, Scott sucks.”

“I think you do.”

“Well, you suck even more.”

You raised an eyebrow, cocking your head to the side. “Oh, really?” you questioned, sitting up and crossing your arms over your chest. Stiles, suddenly nervous, copied your actions.

The brunette hesitated for a second before nodding. “Yup.”

An evil grin spread across your face. “Well, Darlin’,” you cooed. “Little dove. Sweetpea. Angel cakes. Honeypie. I think I may just have to get a third opinion, just to prove you’re the one who does all the sucking around here.”

Before Stiles had a chance to question you, you had dived for the door, cackling like a witch. “(Y/N)! No!”

You ignored him. “Sheriff!” you called, sprinting down the stairs with your dork hot on your heels. As you caught sight of your favourite cop, your smile stretched as wide at the Joker’s. “I need to ask you a quesHTON.”

“No, no she doesn’t,” Stiles laughed nervously, a hand tightly clamped over your mouth. You opened your mouth. Three, two, one… “EW! She licked me!”

“Is it just me,” you rushed, “or do you think we should cut Stiles off from Star Wars? His addiction is reaching unhealthy levels, sir.”

Sheriff Stilinski just stared, eyebrows raised. He just looked so…done. “I think you both have an addiction to something that’s reaching unhealthy levels. Remind me to get the two of you drugs tested.”

You snickered. “Oh, little dove would never. He’s to hung up on lurve.”

“(Y/N),” Stiles whined. “Stop calling me that in front of my dad.”

You giggled again, bouncing up and down on your heels with your hands shoved into the pockets of Stiles’ sweats. “Gosh, you’re so adorable.” You pinched his cheeks then kissed the tip of his nose. “I think your adorableness could finally bring world peace. Bless you.”

Sheriff Stilinski shook his head, sighing at his weirdo son and his sons weirdo girlfriend he considered his daughter, and returned to his paperwork. He didn’t even want to ask.

Captain Swan-inspired pendants! They’re hand-painted with metallic paint so they shimmer and glitter a little, and varnished so that they’re waterproof and durable enough to wear every day. I only have three available right now, but I’ll make more if they sell out, and I take requests for different colours too.

You can see and buy them here!


Did my nails the other day! They’re very simple, meant to be starry skies. Just a base layer of cheap dark purple Momji, a layer of sparkle in Miss Sporty Quick-Dry Clubbing Colours on most nails and L.A. COLORS color craze on the accent nails, then Pretty Heart Glitter Nail Varnish on the thumbs and top it all off with a layer of Primark Glow in the Dark.

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