glitter twins


☄☄☄Changed my Taako design after catching up on TAZ. Made it more simple so I could draw both him and Lup. Drawing both with so much detail would be a lil crazy. And I like this look much better. I drew inspiration from a lot of other ppl’s Taakos and Lups.☄☄☄

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Fairies are known throughout the kingdoms as trouble makers. Naturally, that makes Barry Allen cautious when he is blessed by one. Still, it was hard not to be excited when he was granted the ability produce gemstones simply by speaking. He should have expected the trouble his gift caused, even if he couldn’t have predicted it coming from the selfish king and the ice-cold prince of the Rogues Kingdom.

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Why? I think the real question oughtta be ‘why’d it take me so long to do this.’”

   “It’s because we all deserve better bro, and Master Shredder says we can’t move forward until our past is properly dealt with!”

🐢 ❝                 but .. why The Foot —— ?? we can deal with this in other ways, mikey !!  i .. i don’t wanna FIGHT YOU —- you don’t have to do this, tsuin !!             ❞ he whined, tensing as he backed up a little with a defensive stance somewhat. he was anxious — scared even of what his twin was doing. 


GLITTERING☆Double Champion Twins: Kai
“Not bad at all! You’re super amazing when you go all out! Riku!”

GLITTERING☆Double Champion Twins: Riku
“Niisan really is amazing♪ He’s always encouraging me to go all out!”

JUDAS☆Boys Swim Meet
Dream High Diving Champions

“It’s the JUDAS☆Boys Swim Meet! The ones who took the glory are… the GLITTERING☆Twins! ”

* Edited 2017/08/07 - Bromide names edited for ones closer to the original