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Hi Momtaku! How many soldiers do you think have accidentally walked into doors, posts and walls when Commander Erwin walks past, because they were too busy swooning over him to watch where they're going?

Obviously all of them!

Thinking about the gloriousness of Erwin Smith, momtaku falls into a dream like state. Her mind begins to wander as she imagines the scene at the Survey Corps headquarters…

Sitting at the head of the long conference table, Erwin couldn’t help but notice the bumps and bruises that were visible on the faces of the officers looking back at him. It was nothing new, of course. During his years as a squad leader he’d become aware that many of his fellow soldiers were unexpectedly clumsy at times. Since becoming Commander, however, the problem seemed epidemic. Nearly every soldier present showed some sign of injury. Their last expedition had been weeks ago, providing plenty of time to heal. Erwin knew these marks were recent.

Looking at their flushed faces, Erwin suspected that commenting on the situation would cause them embarrassment. He instead decided to investigate the matter privately. The well being of his soldiers was always paramount in his mind.

On a typical day, Erwin would hurry through the halls of the abandoned castle that served as their headquarters, eager to accrue every precious second he could add to the day, but during the investigation Erwin slowed down. Rather than rushing through the hallways, he’d saunter. In an effort to appear casual, he’d make deliberate eye contact with the soldiers he passed, greeting them with confidence while looking for unexpected hazards.

At times he’d drag his long fingers along the walls to check for protruding nails or other dangers. He’d taken to “accidentally” dropping his pen as an excuse to bend low and inspect the uneven stone floor. Another trick in his arsenal was to feign a yawn. He’d stretch upwards languidly, touching the beams above his head to determine their height and ensure they were high enough to avoid causing damage.

Erwin saw nothing unusual during the time of his secret inspection, yet a report from the infirmary indicated that concussions and falls had increased nearly 20% during the same period. Erwin silently cursed and wondered if better lighting might improve the situation.

The next evening while the majority of the base congregated in the dining room, Erwin found himself in a dim hallway, reaching up to secure an additional lamp to the wall. His shirt had come untucked and he felt the cool of the evening on an exposed strip of skin across his back. The sound of a plate shattering jolted him from his activity.

He looked up and noticed a young female cadet lying supine on the floor, the remains of her dinner scattered across her. As Erwin rushed to help, he suspiciously eyed the doorway she’d been attempting to enter. He determined to take a closer look before the budget meeting the following afternoon.

Erwin finished the last of his correspondence with 20 minutes to spare – enough time to grease the hinge of the offending door and check it for irregularities. He grabbed the oil he used for his harness as he exited his office.

Reaching the door he uncapped the jar and saw that it had been overfilled. Erwin knew that one careless motion would cause the clear liquid to spill from the nozzle. He removed his jacket and dropped it to the floor beside him. He then rolled his shirt sleeves as extra precaution, baring his muscular forearms.

He greased the hinges and checked the width of the door to make sure it was regulation sized. He then swung it gently a few times to ensure it’s motions were smooth. Satisfied, he hurried to the meeting.

Erwin sat down, feeling confident that his efforts to improve the safety of the base had been a success. He allowed his chest to swell with pride for just a moment. The green bolo tie glittered with the movement. Erwin smile quickly faded, however, as he noticed the signs of a hastily cleaned nosebleed on Levi’s face. The danger was clearly still out there and it seemed that even his normally graceful Captain was not immune to the unknown hazard lurking in the halls.

Invisibility (Pathfinder Inspired Sachet Spell)

A sachet spell that grants protection during night travel and preventing drawing attention to yourself. Also useful for situations you wish to be left alone and unseen such as when studying or avoiding individuals in crowded places.

Warning fire is used in this spell. If you are unable to burn something you may tear it up instead.

You Will Need:

  • A white sachet (protection)
  • Poppy Seeds or Mustard Seeds (invisibility)
  • A small piece of bloodstone, calcite, obsidian or opal (invisibility, protection)
  • Gray Glitter (invisibility, Glamour)
  • A blue pen
  • scrap of paper
  • A sigil or symbol to use


Create a sigil or find a symbol that represents traveling unseen and safely. This can be your choice of what words you use or what it looks like. My sigil I used means “I will travel unseen safely at night” but you don’t have to make it that exact phrase.


  • Take you pen and paper and draw out your sigil, set it aside for now.
  • Open your sachet and pour in your poppy seeds/mustard seeds into it, though careful not to over fill it. 
  • Take your crystal you wish to use from list above and whisper to it gently: “I will travel unseen and unheard, I will return home safe and unharmed.” Repeat as many times as you feel is needed. Once done place crystal into sachet.
  • Take your sigil and lay it on a fire safe plate or bowl and burn it. If you are unable to do this, tear it up.
  • Place ashes/pieces into sachet and finish it off by sprinkling a pinch of gray glitter on top and tie sachet shut tightly so nothing leaks out.
  • Carry sachet about your person (in a bag, pocket, tied to hip, in a purse, etc) when traveling at night

To cleanse: lay in a bowl of salt and let it sit over night. 

To charge: lay bag in window overnight to charge in moonlight after cleansing.

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prompt: what does wilhuff do to relax? does he relax? and congrats on your milestone!


“That will be all, general,” Tarkin said, still gazing out the viewport of his quarters.
“Thank you, sir,” General Veers replied. “My men are looking forward to a bit of R&R after this long war.”
Tarkin hummed a non-committal reply.
Out in the glittering darkness of space, TIE Fighters occasionally floated across his vision, running drills no doubt. There was little else to do, after all.
In the days following the fall of the Rebellion at Yavin, there existed an anti-climactic lull in the galaxy. There was work to be done, yes, but the urgency that fueled the Empire’s actions for nearly a decade was now nothing more than galactic maintenance and the occasional rounding up of rebel deserters.
It was a time of peace, he supposed.
So then why do I feel so…unsatisfied?
Tarkin turned his head, arching an eyebrow at the general whom he assumed had already left him.
“That will be all, general.”
Veers did not move. He stood at attention, his officer’s cap tucked beneath his arm, chin up and jaw set. Always the iron-willed soldier, the general showed only the slightest hint of apprehension with a quick rise and fall of his Adam’s apple.
“Sir, if you have nothing pressing at the moment, might I suggest you take some leave yourself.”
Tarkin turned fully to the general, hands tucked behind his back and eyes narrowed. “I do not need leave time, general. Whether in peace or in war I am still the Grand Moff of the Empire and one does not take holiday with such a title.”
“With all do respect, sir, that is precisely the title that should earn a person a rather decent holiday.” Veers arched an audacious eyebrow. “We have won, sir. Our enemies have been crushed. We-”
Tarkin waved a dismissive hand and turned back to the viewport. “Thank you for your concern, general.”
“Yes, sir,” Veers replied.
Tarkin watched the reflection of the general in the glass. Giving a curt bow, Veers turned heel and strode towards the door. He paused in the doorway before turning back a final time. “If you change your mind, I will be in Hanger Bay Nine.” then as an afterthought he added, “and wear something you do not mind getting bloody.”
By the time Tarkin turned to face the general, Veers was gone.
Hangar Bay Nine was better known as a TIE Fighter graveyard where engineers stored, scrapped and repurposed the broken machines. The manner in which the vehicles were laid out resembled some sort of death-defying obstacle course. Fractured wings served as ramps, pods were hollowed out and filled with nests of frayed wires, and slabs of metal scraps were welded together like rungs on a ladder or bouldering footholds.
Tarkin arrived in the hangar wearing a simple black shirt tucked into a pair of deep green cargo pants and a pair of his most comfortable boots, the very same he wore on his Eriadu safari trips. The boots were scuffed and worn with definitive claw and tooth marks against the thick leather.
Tarkin found Veers sitting on an old ammunition crate that looked like it had not seen the light of day since the Clone Wars. Rather than leap to his feet, the general merely glanced at the grand moff before returning to his primary focus, tightening a screw on a handheld controller. “Governor, you made it.” He said.
The greeting was so casual that Tarkin had a mind to reprimand the general, but he held his tongue. Veers was no longer in uniform, now wearing a pair of mottled khaki cargo pants and an olive green shirt that clung to his sveldt army-sculpted form.
“It seems you had little doubt I would show,” Tarkin remarked, eyeing the ammunition crate next to the general. A black felt blanket cushioned eight blasters, two pairs of sporting blasters and two pairs of heavy blasters, as well as a row of energy cartridges.
“A hope rather than an assumption,” Veers retorted, rising to his feet, though still not acknowledging the rank between them. “Thank you for coming, sir.”
The relaxed posture of the general and the casual clothes between them gave Tarkin an ease he did not expect. In all logic, even out of uniform, he vastly outranked the military man, but this event seemed to not involve rank and so Tarkin allowed himself to settle into the informal setting.
Tarkin approached the crate, gliding his fingers over the cool barrel of the long-nosed sporting blaster. He noted the energy cylinder was stouter than average model with a pair of tubes connecting the cylinder to what looked like a small exhaust port?
“These are not the standard issue nobleman’s wampa shooter. They certainly are not weapons for the weak-chinned.”
A brief smile twitched at Veers serious face. “You noticed. No, these were among the intercepted cargo bound for Saw Guerra’s remaining forces. They modified the sporting blasters to shoot twice the range without sacrificing accuracy.”
“They will overheat quickly,” Tarkin remarked, picking up the blaster and turning it over in his hand, testing the weight. He glanced up at Veers to see the general kept his face neutral, though his eyes seemed to glitter with excitement.
His words came out quick and clipped, which for “Iron Max” it was as close to giddy as the man came.
“Yes, I deduced this as well. If you note, the small exhaust port in the back will allow for, I would say, eighteen to twenty blasts rather than the five or six expected from these blasters. However, after that, they will be little more than piping hot paperweights. This is why I have provided heavy blasters as back up. Still, I am eager to give these weapons a try, as I hope you look forward to it as well.”
“I am curious,” Tarkin admitted. “And what shall we be using for target practice?” Tarkin asked, surveying the hangar for cans or bottles or…perhaps rebel pilot helmets.
“Ah,” Veers said, holding up the small blue box. “Now this…will be a bit unconventional, sir, but again I hope that you will find this to your liking.”
The general pressed the center button and a low hum filled the air.
No…not a hum, Tarkin corrected. It sounds like…buzzing.
Ten metallic insects, the size of mouse droids, rose in the air from behind a cracked TIE pod.
“Hornet droids,” Tarkin said, arching an eyebrow. Instinctively, his body calmed, every muscle stilled. It was a technique that came as naturally to him as breathing despite not having hunted on the dangerous plains of Eriadu for nearly a decade. “Are they fully operational.”
Veers slowly hooked the controller to his belt, his eyes fixed on the insects. “Of course, sir.”
Tarkin allowed himself to indulge in the slight flutter in his chest. Hornet drones were used in Stormtrooper training courses and were modeled after Blaster Hornets of his homeworld. Their sting was not deadly, but very painful. A good five or six attacks would put a stormtrooper in the infirmary for a month.
“And how many of them are there?” He said in a low tone.
“There are as many as we wish until we run out of ammunition,” Veers replied, his brown eyes seemed to study Tarkin closely. “Will this be acceptable, sir?”
Tarkin turned to look at Veers, his gray eyes scrutinizing the general.
“How did you know I would come here?”
Veers did not shy from his gaze. Unblinking he replied, “You are the master huntsman of Eriadu. A living legend of sharpshooters. If ever there was an activity to soothe the greatest blasterslinger in the Outer Rim, it would be doing what he does best.”
The hornets split off into two groups, circling the hanger and the imperials who moved along with them. The pincer attack the drones were planning put Tarkin and Veers backs together.
“How shall we proceed, general?”
“Sir, I would be honored if you gave the order instead.”
Not since the Clone Wars had someone needed military stratagem from Tarkin and exhilaration swelled in the chest of this hunter-turned-politician.
“In that case, general..
” Tarkin fired five shots in quick succession.
Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop.
“…follow my lead, and try not to get stung.”
Five hornet droids fell to the ground, glowing eyes dimming, a blaster hole between her eyes.
Veers fired five shots as well, catching four targets. The fifth dove at Veers who slammed the butt of his gun into the head of the drone. It fell to the floor a sparking mess of wires.
“Yes, sir,” Veers nodded. “It will be a pleasure to see the legend in action today.” he remarked, which felt more matter-of-fact than flattery.
“You will not see a legend today, general.” Tarkin said, twirling the blaster on its trigger guard, already comfortable with the weapon in hand. “You will merely see a predator long overdue for a hunt.”
Ten more hornet droids rose in the air.
The two warriors merely smiled.

(Thank you so so much, @admfirmuspiett, for this prompt! I know Veers was itching for some buddy time with Wilhuff!)

T: Black and Blue

@trjwizard​, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this

Her thighs were on either side of him, clad in black and blue and he grinned suddenly when she pressed his wrists into the pillows at either side of his head.

“Tempest,” he breathed her hero name in such a way that Amy ached to shiver to but didn’t, “you know, its going to be hard for me to get you out of that with my hands right here.” He nodded towards her uniform and twisted his wrists under her grip. Amy knew he could get out from under her if he tried hard enough.

“What makes you think I want out of it?” she asked mildly, leaning forward to nip at his lips before ducking back before he could entice her with a kiss.

She was an absolute tease, but that much Dick had known for years, back when she would toy with the end of his school tie, eyes glittering and sly smirk on her lips before she dragged him down to her level, leaving him dazed from her kiss.

He let her tease his lips with her own, the weight of her straddling his hips far more distracting. He let her do it twice more before he snaked out from under her grip and twisted them.

A laugh left her lips and her eyes were impossibly green in the moonlight behind the black of her mask. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“What? I can’t look at my beautiful girlfriend?”

Her eyes went soft behind the mask.

“I can’t admire her?” He kissed the corner of her lip.

“I can’t…adore her?” The kiss drifted down to her chin.

“I can’t…treasure her?” He breathed against her ear and Amy shivered with the kiss he pressed just under her ear before his gaze swept over his girlfriend with her head fallen back on the pillows, eyes fluttered shut.

“If Artemis ever says you’re not a romantic, I’m calling her on that,” Amy said once she’d regained the ability to speak, raising a hand to curl her fingers through his hair as he removed her mask.

“I’d like to see that,” he said before swallowing her laughter with a kiss.

Seokjin Scenario: Serenity.

Request:  A scenario where It’s a few days before your wedding and you suddenly have those wedding blues. You dissappear during your bachelorette party and your friends panic and contact Jin who is currently having his bachelor party as well. Both parties were stopped while everyone tried to look for you (you don’t answer anycalls or left any message). You keep having thoughts about whether jin is happy with you. Jin finds you in a place he knows you’d be in and comforts and reassures you tnx

Genre: Fluff / Romance

The music was blasting loud and Jin fought to hear the girl speaking to him over the phone, he covered his free ear with the other hand because Jungkook and Taehyung were having way too much fun with the speakers. When he saw the incoming call from your best friend, he simply supposed it was a little check up on him and what was he doing in his bachelor party, which only made him smile because that was so you.

– She what? – Jin laughed a little nervously, thinking that he’d heard wrong, but when your best friend repeated again that they couldn’t find you anywhere, that you had left your party and nobody knew about you or your wellbeing because you didn’t even answer your phone, Seokjin had to shake his head a little and wonder if the mix of drinks his friends had shoved down his throat as his welcome were playing tricks on him.

But your best friend seemed desperate and at the verge of panic, he could hear some rustling at the other side of the line, other girl voices saying things he couldn’t really distinguish. You were supposed to be at your bachelorette party as well, you were excited about it, Seokjin had seen it in your eyes, in the playful cadence of your voice whenever you said that your friends wanted to bring strippers to it to try and get a reaction out of him, to which Jin had only kissed your lips and said his friends planned to do just that too, which wasn’t true, but you had kissed him sweetly and threatened to choke him to death with one of those girls bras if he dared to do that. Why would you ever leave from a party you had been looking forward to? It just didn’t make any sense.

–I’ll see if I can find her – he said quickly, shaking off the hazy high of alcohol. He quickly dialed your number and heard his attempt go straight into voice mail, he called to your apartment and waited until the call ended still with no signs from you.

His party was still going strong, every single one of his friends one bit too tipsy for their own good and Jin knew he wasn’t too far from that, so he downed a whole bottle of water in one go and looked around.

–Yoongi, Yoongi hear me up – said guy looked at him and patted his shoulder offering a drink to him in the middle of a fit of laughter from whatever Namjoon had said. –Where’s Hoseok, he’s got my keys –

Yoongi signaled towards the bar and Jin wasn’t surprised to see Hoseok flirting with the pretty barista he’d been ogling all night. He pulled him away and searched inside his pockets, Namjoon and Yoongi had followed Jin along and were looking at him weird.

–What are you doing? – Hoseok was also looking weird at him and by that moment Taehyung had approached them as well.

–I have to leave – Jin said quickly, finally with his keys in hand. Jungkook passed an arm over his shoulder and smirked.

–Already wanting to escape from the big day hyung? – they laughed and nudged Jin on his ribs, which was actually funny because maybe it was you the one who had wanted to escape form the big day even if he couldn’t believe it.

–No, but Y/N is lost… well we think she’s lost –

–Wait, what? – Yoongi tugged at his arm to make him look at him and Jin noticed how his friend seemed a little less tipsy now and more focused.

–Her friends can’t find her anywhere, she was at her party and then disappeared, I tried calling her but she doesn’t answer – He knew he should be looking a little ridiculous talking seriously with his glitter tie and the dubious state of his clothes and hair.

The news didn’t fall like a cold bucket on him only, because then his friends had a tint of worry on their faces too, so Jin didn’t need to explain much besides the imperious need he had of finding you now, so they all made a plan to search for you in different places; his bachelor party could definitely wait.

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