glitter tie


A marquee bearing YALE UNIVERSITY’S 5TH ANNUAL CIRQUE SEMESTER KICK-OFF greets you, it doesn’t bear quite the same kick as the frozen air of a January night against your skin or the three whiskey neats you downed prior to exiting your home - yet you know the seemingly subdued announcement will pale in comparison to the setting you are about to enter.

You walk in, evening wear brushing a marble floor marred with glitter, a vibrant tie laying flush against your chest, it doesn’t take long before you’ve shed the cold and despondent exterior from your skin, your bloodstream already pumping in anticipation of the violently coloured cocktails twirling through the crowd on the hands of costumed conductors.

On your right is a wall of masks, slender fingers reaching to place one on a porcelain visage before becoming nothing but a silhouette in the door frame of a fun house; to the left is a bar, the mixologist sliding drinks across a surface being used as a stage by a unicyclist, each cocktail expertly avoiding the trail of the performer. 

You glance up, there’s a brightly dressed duo with ribbons encircling their limbs, they fly above a sharply dressed crowd, soaring through the air with a freedom none below have yet experienced. A flame thrower, a sword swallower, a magician, they float across a pulsating dance floor with their party tricks, sharp inhalations of awe the only currency of the evening.

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