glitter t shirts

i didn’t know what to do for a background so i just put a pic of a supermarket 

Imagine seeing Wolfrun at the supermarket

glitter-carnage  asked:

do you know where dylan and Eric got their shirts? The "Wrath" & "Natural Selection" ones? I always assumed they had them made on a website like cafepress or something like that... but not sure, and I've been into this case for years I'm surprised I never looked into it till now?

I am glad that I am receiving an ask from you! To be honest, I don’t know where they got them. I read on YouTube that a guy got the same “Natural Selection” t-shirt back in the 90’s. Apparently, there was a brand called “Natural Selection”, which made t-shirts and regular shirts with “Natural Selection” on them. As for Dylan, I think his was custom made. Back then, and in the early 2000s, it was very common for people to get custom made shirts, so I suppose that  Dylan went to a store and ordered a black shirt that said “WRATH” on it.

things I associate with the signs

aries: concerts, thunderstorms, rollercoasters, getting drunk with your best friends, barbecues, car racing, mountain climbing, cracked screens

taurus: potted plants, guitar, good books, burgers, converse shoes, paintings, hugs, english class, backpacks, art sketchbooks, clouds

gemini: bookshelves, mismatched socks, gossip, cartoons, homemade jewellery, playing the piano, laundry, ripped jeans, bubblegum

cancer: soft hair, ice cream, walking on the beach, good advice, cookies, jenga, underwear, europe, opening your window, iced drinks, butterflies

leo: tanning, ice lollies, rolling your eyes, going shopping, pride, cities at night, winking, gold, feeling the breeze on your face, new friends, laughter

virgo: museums and libraries, stacks of paper, daisies, the smell of old books, picture frames, prom dresses, cocktails, your first kiss, fairy lights

libra: summer rain, dragons, singing along to the radio, peaches, debates, busy restaurants, soft skin, waterfalls, sex jokes, mirrors, cooking food

scorpio: rock music, bold eyebrows, whispering in class, horror movies, high heels, humming, ghost stories, dancing in your room, shoe laces

sagittarius: hide and seek, road trips, birthday cake, rooftops, taxis, bonfires, soda, forests, nostalgia, graffiti, school lunch, hair braids, volcanoes, candy

capricorn: coffee, heavy snow, watches, maths, video games, sarcasm, journals, hockey, exams, hair gel, lead pencils, biting your nails, dark lipstick

aquarius: aliens, pinky toes, glasses, blue jeans, soap, ocean waves, the internet, your favourite t-shirt, glitter pens, time travel, excitement

pisces: starry skies, classical music, sleeping, dreams, swimming pools, falling in love, blowing bubbles, poetry, bruises, long car rides, candles, lilac

Comfort boxes

A comfort box is a great simple idea that you can try at home. A comfort box is a box which you can fill with things that relax you or calm you. Bags and backpacks can also make great portable alternatives to an actual box.

Here are some possible things a comfort box or bag could include:

  • Your favourite chocolate or candy
  • Stuffed animals or toys
  • Your favourite Books or poems
  • Colouring kits or drawing materials
  • A journal
  • Play Doh
  • Dummies
  • A soft blanket
  • Non triggering films or TV series
  • Comfort food recipes
  • Playlists of soothing music
  • Bath or shower items (bath bombs etc)
  • Scented candles
  • safety plan printable cards
  • Bubble wand
  • Ear plugs
  • Body lotions
  • Pictures of loved ones and/or pets
  • Herbal tea
  • Stress ball
  • Relaxation or meditation exercises or audios  
  • Old birthday cards
  • Friendship bracelets or recovery bracelets
  • scented handkerchiefs
  • glitter jars
  • favorite t-shirt
  • encouraging notes/letters
  • essential oils
  • money for ice cream
  • consider keeping a small food comfort box in your refrigerator/freezer


This is a great idea for anyone who has anxiety, but you can make variations to cheer you up or whatever you think you might need.

Send us pics of your comfort box, or let us know what else you thought of to put in there!


Here are some ~Galaxy 🌌 Shirts 👚 👕~ we saw the instructions for on the Tulip fabric dye website. I took these photos right after I sprayed on the white spray fabric paint and the silver spray glitter.

The process:
- Twist shirt into spiral.
- Spray diluted bleach.
- Let sit until desired bleachiness achieved.
- Rinse.
- Apply spray fabric dye (and make a freaking mess in the process).
- Wrap in plastic and let sit several hours to overnight.
- Rinse that shit out.
- Wash a few times in the machine.
- Dry.
- Apply white spray fabric paint and spray fabric glitter.
- Let sit for three days (Until you can wash that shit. Or just wear it and wash it three days later. Whatever.)
- Put that shit on your torso.

I’ll get some better photos once they’re dry. They’re already absurdly glittery.

I also bleached out some crappy old jeans, but they’re not too exciting. We did some tie dye shirts last week that turned out pretty well; I’m going to have to get some photos of those up.