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Really Quick Roller Derby Crash Course

For your Roller Derby AU!

General Misconceptions:

Okay, so there are a few misconceptions I’ve noticed about roller derby, and the one that really truly stands out to me is the skates.

In roller derby, in-lines are not used. Like ever. Even in practices. Quad skates are used. This means the wheels are aligned like :: , not like ….. Usually, the boot section of the skate will not extend past one’s ankles.

The safety gear also stands out, but not as much as the skates. The safety gear used in derby isn’t particularly form fitting, and makes a person’s knees look clunky. There are pads on the knees, elbows, and wrists. The helmets cover more of a skater’s head than a typical K-Mart bike helmet does. Also, mouthguards are required when playing full-contact derby (I’ve never been in a league that requires them during the non-contact, teach you how to skate phase, but they’re still advised.) Usually, Sisu mouthguards are used, because talking and breathing are really nice.

And the last noticeable flaw is the rules. (This is for the more common flat-track, as I am lacking in banked-rules-knowledge). Punching people is not allowed, ever. Elbowing, kicking, and tripping are all again not allowed. Derby usually involves sticking your butt in front of people or whapping them with your butt or shoulders. Or avoiding butts, if you are a jammer. Jammers wear a star on their helmets, but it is not permanently there. There are helmet covers with the stars on them. Pivots are blockers that can become the jammer, and wear a helmet cover with a stripe. The blockers put their butts in front of the jammers.

Other things to liven up your AU!: 

-Is it flat-track or banked-track? Banked is what the movie Whip-It is about, but it is also less common due to the need for a special floor. Flat-track tends to be somewhat less violent.

-Duct tape: lots of derby peeps use duct tape for their skate’s toes (not the toe-stop) and for gear that is coming apart somewhat.

-Stickers! Helmets usually get covered in stickers, at least in my experience

-Derby makeup: It’s very cool and usually not very subtle. I’ve seen half skeleton face, eyeliner scribbled around eyes, glitter eyebrows, spider themed stuff! so many. Not everybody does derby makeup though, but it can look reeeeeeaaaally cool.

(-oh man they call us ‘ladies’ a lot soooo if youve got a closeted trans character… bingo theres some angst

-also like injuries aren’t that uncommon? like usually people don’t get black eyes and stuff, but derby bruises happen, like falling on a wheel is stepping on a lego pretty much, except its your butt, and sometimes arm bruises from teammates fingers happen, that kind of thing. usually bruises aren’t extravagant, BUT there are quite a few concussions and dislocated limbs and broken bones, not too many, buuuut… more of those than black eyes in my experience. 

-many lgbt in derby, manyyy

-ur otp can meet by bumping butts repeatedly)

Now go forth and make really cool and accurate derby AUs!

please do make a lot i really want people to write about my otp playing derby